Why Short Scale Basses?

It all began as a quest for a more comfortable bass...

I wanted a smaller and lighter bass with less reach and better balance, and something of professional quality. I didn't want to have to work around the poor balance, quirky tones and other limitations of vintage-style short scales on the market, or the issues with the cheap imports.

Not able to find what I was looking for or satisfied with the basses I modified (Mustangs, EBs, etc.) I designed a bass that would work in every way I needed as a professional player; an instrument stage & studio ready right out of the case, built right. Finally - a bass that fit!

So began the Cortobass, and the company that was built around this little wonder bass, Birdsong Guitars. We started as a husband & wife team in a one-bay garage in 2004 and here in 2015 they're still hand crafted in our own workshop!  

My personal search has become an answer for hundreds of players, and our reputation and experience in the making of scaled-down basses with full-size tone is held in high regard by bassists and other builders; Birdsongs are in all 50 states and at least 13 countries. 

Our continued growth is testament to both the goods we deliver and the service we provide. And though they are USA luthier made and fit with pro-level premium components, prices are still within reach of the devoted working hobbyist who wants something more than off-the-rack. 

Fully designed from headstock to strap button and built by real players, our line of professional short scales has something for just about any player or style. 

Birdsong basses are perfect for:

The professional player looking for something different 
Our basses are played on stages of all sizes and sit wonderfully in live and studio mixes.

The short-scale enthusiast looking for something better
Old basses are cool, but ours are well designed, reliable, versatile tools with better truss rods & hardware.

Dedicated students of any age
Our basses are easy playing and only weigh around 7 pounds.

Small-statured men & women looking for something more comfortable
That was me in the '80s & '90s gigging out on my Ps, Js, and a 14-lb MusicMan... done with that.

Guitar players who want a familiar-sized instrument
A Birdsong bass is only about an inch longer overall than a typical electric guitar.

Players with physical conditions that make the "old standard" uncomfortable
We get a lot of referrals from folks with hand or back pain and other physical concerns - we can keep you playing and minimize discomfort!

Recording studios as an alternative to the Fender sound
Short scale basses' round low end & warm midrange have long been studio secrets. 

Bassists looking for their own voice and their own instrument
How about it? Make it your voice!


"The most lightweight easy-playing bass I've ever had in my hands. And a powerful low end from such a tiny wee thing too." ~Mark

"Five years ago at this time, I was opening up the package containing my Cortobass. I still remember the touch, sound and smell... The smell is gone (not that I don't pick it up and give it a sniff once in a bit), but the touch and sound is still awesome." ~Bobby


"I'll give a better report probably in a couple of days after I'm able to put it down for awhile. But I'm already positive the seven day grace period for returns is irrelevant. I think already you'd have to pay more to get it back than I paid to get it." ~Richard


"I think all were a bit skeptical at first because of its size, but after playing it were convinced I had found something special. Thank you for creating an instrument that is such a pleasure to have." ~Marilyn


" I must say that I am stunned by this instrument. I never thought a short scale could feel and sound this way. It is a revelation. To anyone who's on the fence about these instruments, all the hype is true and more. It is a rare thing these days to have your expectations 
exceeded in every way. Thank you again to the crew at Birdsong!" 


"I played the Cortobass at practice tonight. Thank you. So punchy, so tight, gnarly when called for. By far the best bass/ guitar I've ever played. Thank you for the most versatile electric instrument available. Love the neck, love everything about it!! Thank you, Birdsong!!!!"  


"I knew it would be fantastic, but the reality is that I was not expecting to be completely blown away... it sits nicely in the mix without getting muddy. Ever. It doesn't get any better than this!" ~Francesco


"All night I kept noticing little touches and highlights that make it just stand out. I LOVE the way it feels, plays and sounds. THE most comfortable guitar I've ever strapped on. After just a couple of minutes adjusting and dialing the amp, it felt as if I had been playing it for years... and it sounds incredible. Not a dull or dead spot on the fretboard. I could not be happier about my decision. Scott was awesome to work with and the workmanship and quality of what they produce is amazing. If you are thinking about it... go ahead, pull the trigger and give him a call. You won't be disappointed." ~ Jeff


"I received my Fusion bass today and I can't tell you how pleased I am about it. When I opened the case I was at first skeptical because of the size of the bass.  But when I plugged it in, it was all that I was hoping for... and even more. Wow! I find it hard to believe that the sound I'm getting out of it, compared to its size, is remarkably rich and full. I wanted a short scale custom bass primarily for jazz that would give me that rich full sound I was searching for and you didn't disappoint me. The short scale neck is fast and fits perfectly in my hand. The workmanship is excellent. My compliments to the Birdsong staff of artisans. PS: Now I know who to go to for that fretless I've been considering." ~Bob


"I love, love, love my bass! Eternally grateful..." ~Becca


"It is a powerful instrument, a cannon. Could not be more satisfied. I have not purchased an instrument and been more satisfied honestly." ~Louis


"This thing is in a different class than any bass I've had in my hands before. The Birdsong sounds great! It has a great feel, and the wood is gorgeous. Truly a work of art! Thanks again for taking the time and effort to get this up to me here in Canada." ~Ernie


"I'm not sure I can express completely my excitement and gratefulness. This instrument plays perfectly, sounds beautiful, and balances as though it were an extension of your own body." ~Mike


"I don't even have the words... this is my favorite piece... and I must own 20 pieces." ~Rob


My Corto2 bass arrived today in perfect condition. All I can say is WOW! It's beautiful to look at and sounds and plays even better. I've only played it about an hour or so, but I can't see going back to a 34 inch bass any time soon. My most sincere thank-you... I don't remember the last time I was this happy with a purchase of any kind.

PS - This will make waiting for my Sadhana much easier!"