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Don't get worried ~ steady progress sometimes means waiting on parts or in line for the next bench your build needs. We work on "what's next" overall and group work according to task & work flow through the shop, NOT numerical order. It'll be worth the wait; kick back and enjoy the ride. I'll post pictures as I can for you! I post them as I get time throughout the week. When contacting, please call or email - I don't text. Thanks!

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Cortobasses & Corto2s:

14C-288 Available - Inventory build - lined fretless Corto2
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14C-301 Available - Inventory build 
C301a.jpg (196345 bytes)
C301b.jpg (220848 bytes) C301c.jpg (197855 bytes)Walnut with Zebrawood wings & dark pinstripes

14C-302 Available - Inventory build
C302a.jpg (170262 bytes) C302b.jpg (213231 bytes)
C302c.jpg (184387 bytes)Zebrawood center with Mahogany wings & dark pinstripes

C303a.jpg (179003 bytes)
C303b.jpg (201187 bytes) C303c.jpg (194155 bytes)

14C-304 Available - Inventory build
C304a.jpg (158656 bytes) C304b.jpg (291283 bytes)
C304c.jpg (173121 bytes)Mahogany, Walnut & Maple

C305a.jpg (160338 bytes) C305b.jpg (264626 bytes)
C305c.jpg (175893 bytes) C305d.jpg (169736 bytes) C305e.jpg (116663 bytes) C305f.jpg (134765 bytes) C305g.jpg (179060 bytes) C305h.jpg (177488 bytes)

14C-306 Available - Inventory build
C306a.jpg (191417 bytes) C306b.jpg (288629 bytes)
C306c.jpg (203552 bytes)V-grained ribbony Honduran Mahogany

14C-307 Available - Inventory build
C307a.jpg (168162 bytes) C307b.jpg (337055 bytes)
C307c.jpg (193065 bytes)Spanish Cedar

C311c.jpg (201317 bytes) C311d.jpg (142985 bytes) C311e.jpg (272379 bytes) C311g.jpg (134712 bytes) C311h.jpg (204291 bytes) C311i.jpg (146760 bytes)

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- THE 10th Anniversary Birdsong - will be part of a very special package!
C318c.jpg (164546 bytes) C318d.jpg (253793 bytes) C318f.jpg (180196 bytes)


14F-041 Mystery wood - could be Pecan. Hickory? Spalted something!
F41a.jpg (183705 bytes) F41b.jpg (177200 bytes) F41c.jpg (97582 bytes)

14F-042 Client requested character - I love this kind of stuff!
F42a.jpg (80377 bytes) F42b.jpg (178100 bytes) F42c.jpg (184918 bytes) F42d.jpg (162595 bytes) F42e.jpg (153040 bytes) F42f.jpg (199406 bytes) F42g.jpg (194793 bytes)
(...and lest any "crap eagle" come along and try to tell you that dot on the headstock face " from drilling the tuner screw hole through too far"... no, I haven't drilled them yet. That's a natural "Cindy Crawford" in the wood!)

I haven't forgotten about your arrowhead, just got really busy - on it this weekend, out to you top o'the week! Thanks!

14F-043 Scott's really doing it this time, he's building one for himself and actually taking it home!

14F-044 Lefty...
F44a.jpg (76173 bytes) F44b.jpg (147481 bytes) F44c.jpg (153685 bytes)

14F-045 Mesquite & Turquoise!


14BB-003  Available - inventory build - can be ready in 30 days if you want it!!!
bliss3and4a.jpg (90441 bytes) bliss3and4b.jpg (138660 bytes) bliss3and4c.jpg (134544 bytes) bliss3and4d.jpg (125287 bytes) bliss4e.jpg (136476 bytes) bliss4f.jpg (94653 bytes)
Bliss4g.jpg (172238 bytes) Bliss4h.jpg (150301 bytes) bliss3i.jpg (145195 bytes) Bliss3j.jpg (159290 bytes) bliss3k.jpg (195135 bytes)

F8a.jpg (1024636 bytes) F8e.jpg (245551 bytes) F8f.jpg (240158 bytes) F8g.jpg (227761 bytes) F8h.jpg (171430 bytes) F8i.jpg (224015 bytes) F8m.jpg (124842 bytes) F8n.jpg (250984 bytes) F8o.jpg (151635 bytes) F8p.jpg (142132 bytes) F8q.jpg (153668 bytes) F8r.jpg (147576 bytes) F8s.jpg (154367 bytes) F8t.jpg (222586 bytes) F8u.jpg (91650 bytes) F8v1.jpg (134140 bytes)
silver3.jpg (171049 bytes) silver4.jpg (150892 bytes) silverwork1.jpg (204183 bytes) silverwork2.jpg (166827 bytes)

Singlecut prototype In finishing!
VF1a.jpg (116943 bytes) singlecut1.jpg (73121 bytes) sc4001b.jpg (67880 bytes) sc4001a.jpg (96896 bytes) SCtemplates.jpg (103797 bytes) sc4001c.jpg (185289 bytes) SC4001d.jpg (203412 bytes) SC4001e.jpg (220137 bytes) SC4001f.jpg (119690 bytes) SC4001g.jpg (146631 bytes) SC4001h.jpg (135963 bytes) sc4template.jpg (213934 bytes) sc4routing1.jpg (302071 bytes) sc4routing2.jpg (275073 bytes) sc4routing3.jpg (180516 bytes) SC41p.jpg (198920 bytes)

Custom 14BX-023 
BX23a.jpg (237897 bytes) BX23b.jpg (175803 bytes) BX23c.jpg (212448 bytes) bx23d.jpg (159429 bytes) BX23e.jpg (256056 bytes)

Custom 14BX-024 Corto bodied Fusion
BX24a.jpg (164779 bytes) BX24b.jpg (148669 bytes) BX24c.jpg (157716 bytes)

***VERY FEW CUSTOMS (fancy mixes of Birdsong bodies with other model pickup arrangements & custom touches) will be made in 2014, if you want one now's the time. We can only accommodate so many and keep everything else rolling, so let me know soon if you're in for one! Thanks! ~Scott ***


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