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As Birdsong Guitars grew and we seeded other gardens, Wingfeather Enterprises was taken as the overall name for everything, partly for being able to keep the business side of things in order. But Wingfeather is more than that - in addition to being the "Parent company" name for the various instrument names we build, it is also the informal name of our workshop, a band, and a distribution wing to help others in our circle get their instruments out into the world.

We specialize in pro quality short & medium scale basses, but all kinds of fun goes on in here. Guitars, lap steels... if you see something you're interested in, please contact us. We're all real folks, real craftspeople, and are happy to answer any questions about us and the basses & guitars we make.

Thanks for your interest... have a look around!

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What's Available...

Birdsong Guitars is a true "Mom 'n Pop" success story started in 2004 by luthier/designer/musician Scott Beckwith and his wife Jamie Hornbuckle. Scott's idea of a smaller but big-sounding and pro quality bass guitar has since grown into several models, a full-time company, and many hundreds of happy, more comfortable players worldwide playing for crowds of 1 to 80,000. Birdsong basses are 31" scale, balanced, and luthier built in Texas along with the Birdsong guitar.
2015 Birdsong Especial
Turquoise lined fretless bocote fingerboard
Rustic Texas pecan body with turquoise
Woodburned "ranch style" barbed wire on edge

Owner realized he's not comfy on fretless and has traded this in on a new build... here's your chance!

As new & ready to ship, with case
To order this would cost you $3100
Selling for quite a bit less than that!
Inquire (email or phone anytime, no texts)
IN PROCESS Birdsong Fusion bass
Walnut with trim pieces of tamarind
Call & claim for half down
IN PROCESS Birdsong Especial bass
Walnut with trim pieces of tamarind
Tamarind headstock overlay, too!
Call & claim for half down
IN PROCESS Birdsong Corto2 bass
Wild looking mahogany
Maple neck, rosewood fretboard & headstock face
Black hardware
Call & claim for half down
PECAN bodies & blanks - just got this wood Feb. 2015  
Just picked up some Mesquite - up for something rustic? THIS body is a client's but I have more like it, a little cleaner. Great native Texas wood. I like to pack the character with crushed Turquoise and with chrome hardware it looks like a piece of playable Southwestern art!
Buying a pre-owned Birdsong? 
Have it shipped to us first for a thorough go-through and complete setup. Once they leave the nest they have lives of their own, and some are maintained better than others. We'll make sure your new used Birdsong is fully up to our standards before you even play it. 

Hy5 Basses are professional quality, huge sounding SHORT SCALE 5-STRING BASSES! Yes, they do exist; and these are not the quirky ones you might find... these are for regular players seeking big low notes with comfort at the same time. The Hy5 started as a Birdsong model in 2007 but is now its own brand. The site needs an update and we're working on it!
Pre-owned 2012 Birdsong Hy5
Lined fretless ~ special order!
Cherry, Maple & Ebony

This is one of the Birdsong labeled versions, and one of the fanciest Hy5s out there. Just about mint condition and fully  optioned up including a hand made Ebony bridge by request! Included here is a side comparison to a Peavey TL-Five... the Hy5 is small & comfy but sounds HUGE.

ON CONSIGNMENT by the original owner:
(This is a $3000+ bass as equipped!)
$1995 with case!

SD Curlee is a company from the '70s-'80s that took a long nap and was revived by Scott of Birdsong Guitars because he always loved these things and felt they never got the continued development they deserved. The company started in the mid '70s outside of Chicago, IL and the DiMarzio powered medium scale grunt of these basses has driven bands all over the world. The new SD Curlees are hand made by the handful and are - in the words of original designer Randy Dritz - "What we should have done with them if we had kept going."

Nothing at the moment...


D'AQUILA guitars are crafted in extremely limited numbers in our workshop. We see them as electric jazz guitars, but they're great as high-class blues machines or full-sounding rhythm guitars. Scott has put his through a fuzztone, and it holds its own just fine. But it was mainly designed for a big, warm, clear voice. Watch here for finished & up-coming offerings, and the site for in-process builds. These are "Luthier's Choice" builds, meaning Scott designs one and builds it and that's what's offered. These are playable works of art. 
D'AQUILA Seville
Solid figured Mahogany
Mahogany neck
Under construction for 2015

Scott Beckwith of Birdsong began building these simple, single pickup basses "on the side" using Birdsong design and necks as a way to stay covered in wood chips as Birdsong grew to where other hands took over the woodworking. The Shortbass has developed a following of its own and are now made right along side Birdsongs in our Hill Country workshop. Scott also crafts lap steels and 24" scale guitars.
IN PROCESS Shortbass

This one is made of dense Mahogany, so it has some of the nice midrange bloom of Mahogany and some of the additional depth & clarity of denser woods.

Your call - fretted? Fretless? These are great - basically no-frills Birdsongs. Same neck, woods, benches & hands!

$1050 with gig bag includes shipping once it's done!
SOLD - but I can work you one in without a huge wait.
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