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This stuff sounds so dickish, and we're really not - but lest there be any misunderstanding...

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Nothing contained herein shall be construed as conferring a grant of right to use any copyright, trademark, patent, or other intellectual property of Birdsong Guitars or any third party. Text may be quoted in reviews or for promotional purposes with our permission. By such use you agree to quote verbatim and proofread the transferred portions for accuracy and correct punctuation and not make us look like morons. It DOES matter. Don't be pluralizing with apostrophes - it chafes me like you wouldn't believe. 

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Some early Birdsongs came equipped with an anti-shock circuit. It is not a substitute for caution or common sense and no claim is made as to whether it will help under severe circumstances or if the universe decides you need a jolt. 

All instruments sold as new as Birdsongs are warranted for five years against defects in materials or workmanship. All repairs must be made by us, or through our authorization. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, misuse or abuse as defined by us. Any oil finish will show wear and this is not covered. Any unauthorized modifications void the warranty. All warrantee claims must be made as soon as a problem is detected, failure to do so may result in further damage which may incur a charge. For other non-warranty repairs and mods, we will provide quick service at a reasonable cost. Warranty is to original owner. This warranty is clearly written and stated. No extrapolation or misunderstanding on the part of the consumer changes in any way the terms and conditions. We will only be responsible for repair or replacement of the specific instrument as stated where applicable and under no conditions shall be liable for incidental or consequential damages even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages. We'll work with anyone with a Birdsong within reason, but ultimately at our sole discretion.

You have 1 week approval rights from the time the delivery person hands off the box at the destination unless the description of the instrument excluded this. We will gladly "buy it back" (refund your money), less transaction fees charged to us and shipping charges we paid, if you are unsatisfied, provided the following conditions are met: you call us as soon as you decide to return it, customer pays return shipping with full insurance, and it gets to us in the same condition as it left our shop: clean & undamaged in any way, within a reasonable time. And we, within a reasonable time, refund the balance of your money. Usually we re-sell the instrument and pay you back from that. THIS IS OUR POLICY. No exceptions.

Build deposits are non refundable. I know stuff comes up, but it does here too, and this is how we eat. We're bass builders, not Bank Of America where you can just withdraw. We finish the build and sell it, and pay you back from that less 15%. THIS IS OUR POLICY. No exceptions. Should you instigate a refund through PayPal on your own in defiance of this, you do so accepting a $100 fee to cover all the tap dancing I have to do to get my account unlocked and cover any collateral damage. You will be invoiced for the 15% plus this fee and if unpaid will yourself experience the same joy. There are ways you deal with willing, friendly, reputable sellers with clearly stated policies - and this is not one of them.
Wingfeather, The Birdsong Hand Built Guitar Co., Birdsong Guitars, Birdsong, the "B" Design, our Stylized Eagle Logo, Cortobass, Corto (Italian for "short") as a name prefix for short scale basses, Sadhana, Mesquito, Cortobass, Hy5 ("Hybrid 5"), Skyrider, Odyssey, and Embrace as model names, the headstock and body shapes of our instruments, and logotypes are among the intellectual and proprietary property in the United States and other countries of Wingfeather Enterprises DBA Birdsong Guitars. Birdsong is a registered trademark. This is not a comprehensive list of all trademarks of Birdsong Guitars. Please respect this and do your thing, not ours. The DST (Double String Through) feature we use on our 5-string is protected under United States patent. Please inquire for licensing or purchase of this patent. 

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