MORE Birdsong Models

For additional information on Birdsong Guitars, please read through the Info page.

All Birdsong Basses include:

  • Short 31" scale for less reach and easy fretting - comfy 24 fret neck.
  • Standard mahogany, walnut or Spanish cedar body (see FAQ)
  • Balanced & light weight - 7 to 8 pounds - some even closer to 6! 
  • Maple neck, rosewood or maple fingerboard
  • Warm passive tones, incredibly big sounding. These are REAL basses.
  • 1.5" nut width, 17.5 mm spacing at bridge, 14" radius
  • Pro-quality parts throughout, beautiful hand-rubbed oil natural finish.
  • Prices include hard shell case or high quality padded gig bag. 
  • Packed & shipped fully insured to your door directly from our workshop.(Continental U.S. shipping is $50 - we ship worldwide)



Birdsong's official guitar model. Somewhere between a Tele and an SG with a look and voice all its own. Shown with maple body, the neck is mahogany with rosewood, 25-1/2" scale.




the Especial

Originally designed for Marciano Cantero of Los Enanitos Verdes, the blending of our Fusion and Cortobass has been a popular custom request and for 2015 became its own model. Pictured is the first, in alder & maple. Once it was done, my hands wanted to keep it... but he got it and rocked the world with it and that's what these are for. Warm and soulful, balanced and elegant.

*Especials come in a variety of woods - with the wood covers & trim pieces matching the fingerboard, either maple or rosewood

Body wood veneer on headstock (150)
Fretless, unlined Rosewood (no charge)
Black hardware (50)
Gold hardware (100)
Left handed (no charge)
Rear rout (no control plate) (100)

the Woodcraft Package

Woodcraft package   $100
During the crafting of your bass, selected cutoffs and scrap pieces of the wood are put aside and Scott makes these into little boxes, pendants, "Johnny lamps" and talismans. A selection of pieces will be included with your bass and make great studio items... or gifts for someone who maybe helped you get your Birdsong! It is in these pieces Scott carries on the work of his woodworking mentor.

the Turquoise Package

Turquoise package  $250 and up
Genuine Turquoise crushed & inlaid into your Birdsong for players who want a little more of the Southwest in their mojo. The design is generally left up to the artist based on your input and his inspiration.