Welcome to the page of new client info!

This will help you as a new client to understand how this works,
and as a potential customer to see if our process is a fit for you.

You’ll talk with Scott the designer and head builder, and he doesn’t text.
512-395-5126 anytime, calls only, verbally leave your number to be called back.
Or email to scott@birdsongguitars.com. It can take a few days to get a response.
Or message him off of the Birdsong Guitars Facebook page by private message.
(Scott’s up for a chat when he can, but please read the Birdsong FAQ or SD Curlee FAQ first to see if your question has been answered, look at the current menu, maybe take some notes on what you like visually and tonally from the demo videos. This helps us help you a lot! We thank you.)

We talk and figure out what on our menu will serve your wants and needs best, tonally and visually. What’s on our menu are the recipes we serve; we don’t redesign the instrument every time and design from scratch. All Birdsongs feel similar; we build to similar neck specs and balance points, mostly use the same hardware, and finish the same. S.D. Curlees are based off of the original design from the 1970s, refined & revised with a little Birdsong magic in them - but they are their own thing and only have the options listed.

Once an instrument is spec’d out and a price is figured up, half payment gets the process started.
We’re set up for PayPal, card over the phone, bank transfer, or check made out to Wingfeather Enterprises. You’ll get a receipt and a serial number for your build.
You get an estimated time of completion but this is a workshop and that is an estimate. It might take a little less time, it might take a bit more; it’s difficult to pinpoint it exactly from 9 or 10 months out. Just remember you’re in line for a bit before we begin, and as soon as there is something to show we do on the builds page. We know it moves glacially out there but in here we’re really working hard!
We thank you for your patience. Welcome to the family!

Payments are not refundable. Our end of the deal is to make you spectacularly happy with the instrument you commissioned us to build for you - your part is to be committed to the process. We appreciate your patience, and our reputation should put you at ease. If you get antsy just call; we understand. But we’re not fast food, and there’s been a line out the door for 15 years.
Changes to your order are fine - we want to make you what you want - but understand sometimes this adds time to the build in addition to the cost of what you may be adding in.
When contacting us, please give the serial number of your bass - that’s how our whole world is organized, by those. We know & appreciate you but can’t always connect you with your order in our heads on the spot… so the serial number will help a lot!

Once the instrument is in final assembly, we square up on the balance owed on the build. Address is verified and when it’s ready, we pack it really well and ship it. For AK, HI or international orders, you have three payments - initial, balance, and shipping is separately charged at actual time of shipping since it changes.

We only ship FedEx, fully insured, adult signature required. You get an email with tracking info once we hand the box over at the mail stop, and FedEx is great to communicate with in case you need to change where you’d like to receive it or reschedule delivery. That’s partly why we only use them. They won’t leave a box insured for thousands of dollars with a signature required at your gate or on your step, so plan to give the best address to receive it or to schedule yourself to be there to get it.
International clients, the “gift” thing doesn’t work OK? To properly insure the instrument, the insured amount has to be declared as value. We have nothing to do with your country’s customs fees & taxes/duties… if this is a concern, please check with them ahead of time.

We want you happy - we want to know you got your instrument with no hassles and that you love it. We also want to know if you don’t - take a week to get to know it and if you don’t love it, let us know. Then repack it the same and send it back. We’ll refund you everything but the shipping cost. Do keep in mind “My wife says I can’t keep it” or “The grain looks a little different than the pictures”, or “The trans in my car just went out” are not grounds for return. Wood looks a little different in every picture, and it’s the same bass you’ve been watching come together on the builds page for months. If it doesn’t feel good, play comfortably, not your sound, etc. then we absolutely understand. But our return rate is about a half of 1% over our company life since 2004… you can be sure it’s a pretty good shot we’ll take at making you happy! Any questions or concerns, just call Scott.

Generally five years non-transferable, but if you’re nice and you have a problem Scott will find some way to help you out wherever you bought it or however old it is - you’re playing our stuff you’re family, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. We thank you for flying Birdsong and S.D. Curlee USA!

More questions? Check the new Birdsong FAQ.