The Talisman Effect

I have a friend who just bought a car, a kind of car he’s wanted for some time. It’s going to be a fun cruiser and something to bring him back a bit of his youth. Nothing show-car extravagant, just a beautiful old car that speaks to him, to be driven and enjoyed with the windows down and the tape deck up. Much like a Birdsong it was within reach but took some doing – and sometimes in life that just has to happen if that’s “the one.”

Any seeker worth their salt will tell you the deepest of what fills our holes and guides us along towards our true north is not to be found in stuff. Even beautiful stuff… even beautiful stuff with all kinds of mojo and wow factor and function as a tool that puts it in another category. But what that right something DOES do is break you loose into moments of bliss, of giggling powershifting thrill and grooving riffing creative bloom in the moment… and in those moments we are so much closer to what we may be seeking.

In times of inspiration we are an open door to be filled, wide-eyed inside to connect, and the dust and crust life has left on us is brushed away. So a tool of inspiration, whether it has spark plugs and a pistol-grip 4-speed or 4 strings and a tone that fills the room – and you – and your head – these are talismans. Others who are NOT you and DON’T have dominion over your head may see them as frivolous or not get the mojo injection to the spirit you do. They can go find their own magic doorway.

I use instruments and old steel as examples because I’m surrounded by them and that’s my life. They bring magic to me – and me to magic. They’re vitamins for my vibrations,  helpers in moments reminding me that my life is more than an arrangement I’m here to endure – it is a life to be lived. I bring so much more to my quests and the quality of my doings having been enlivened through some moment of transcendence.

The right sneakers don’t make you a better runner – that’s not their magic. What they do is inspire you to run and allow you to be the best runner you can be. Remind you you’ve got more in you than you may have been thinking. Thus the talisman helps you unlock, open up, feel thrilled, and vibrate at a higher level. And let’s face it – compared to therapy on a couch, a new friend with strings that sing or an old magic carpet with dual exhaust and a tachometer to watch is getting off cheap!

Give me a good jam or some wind in my hair on a winding road and what my spirit is reminded of in those moments seems to hold deeper, stay longer and radiate back outward so much better. So it’s not that we rely on “things” for our deepest joys and inspirations and peace, but in a world where it’s so easy to be dusted over and pulled off center, putting something INTO your life that plugs you back INTO moments of bliss helps you climb OUT that much better the rest of the time. The right tool turns our moments to ceremony – that is the talisman effect, the greatest power a thing can have. In my world the stairway back is never more than a strum or groove or blast down the back roads away.

I try to build that into whatever I do, to radiate that back through my hands. I am literally surrounded by tools of meaning; if  my work can be that for YOU, that is truly the highest of what gives my work meaning.

May your world rock AND roll as needed,

Listening to: Kamasi Washington “The Epic”; Bruce Springsteen “Born To Run”; Aerosmith “Greatest Hits” (the old red & white one, none of that 80s-90s stuff); and V.M. Bhatt & Matt Malley “Sleepless Nights” has been on loop in the woodshop.