Cookin' in December

December deals are happening, too many to post and manage on here – I can come up with an idea and put it out there in about a minute and a half on the Birdsong Guitars Facebook page, and that’s what I’m doing… this news page blog is mainly a Friday missive and general recap of things, a more in-depth peek into the happenings here at the Wingfeather Workshop. For sometimes every day snippets, you’ve got to follow us on Facebook
I know, I know. But it’s almost 2016…

Speaking of which, look on the INVENTORY page for a few surprises and insane deals – we need the room, so it’s deal and a half time! Anything in inventory with strings on it… got to go!

I love to cook and create in the kitchen and the workshop is no different. Different spice combinations in my Sunday soup or sauce one day, 3-wood themes and different pickup combos the next. Some of this stuff you see, a lot of it you don’t. Sometimes a new recipe is stumbled upon. In the Birdsong world there is only so much “Main Menu” space to show our five or six main models. Those aren't all the Birdsongs we build, and at this point Birdsongs aren’t even all we build. Click on OTHERS from here or the main menu.

For example, folks are so surprised when a bass with a reverse P pickup appears on the BUILDS page. We used to have on the menu what we called a Cbass – a Cortobass shape, a reverse P pickup, vintage pearloid or tortoise control plate with the jack in it, and a more vintage looking top-load bridge. If you see one happening… someone asked! It’s not like I sign a pact never to cut a shape or make something that was taken out of the lineup again. Sometimes I just need room to bring something new and more exciting to the menu. If you saw something and don’t see it now or have a request, ask – I can usually pull something out of the past or out of the notebooks to build you happy. 

I’d like to build some Cbasses next year, so that’s Friday’s December Daily Deal and I’ll keep it going all through the weekend. Basically what you get is the child of a Fender P-style and a Birdsong Cortobass; a bunch of big P tone and a whole heapin’ helping of easy-playing lightweight Birdsong comfort and balance. At 31” scale anyone can be comfortable on a Birdsong, and the Cbass is a giant killer. Through this weekend, order up a build of this cool, “off the menu” bass for yourself or someone you love for $1495 with a pro gig bag, shipping in the Continental USA INCLUDED. If it’s a gift, that special bassist can watch it get built on the BUILDS page; that’s part of the Birdsong experience. I mean you can all watch, but it’s special when it’s yours!

The weather has been beautiful with lots of blue sky, some mild cool breeze and temperatures ranging from short sleeves to flannel shirt. There have been some pretty fine Sunday soups and lots of cutting and carving of tonewood in the shop; indeed the last handful of instruments that’ll make it out before a short Christmas-New Years break are coming together. The rest, they’re happening too. We’re busy little Birdies here. So much fun stuff coming… but that’s for another time. Maybe I’ll spill some beans for you next week. For now, it’s 7AM, dawn is upon us at the nest, and it’s time to make the day happen!  Be well, play nice, and stay tuned…

Listening to: Live Mississippi Fred McDowell, a bunch of Skip James, some Lightning Hopkins, a couple of CDs of Spanish guitar music, and Led Zeppelin Houses Of The Holy