Birdsong Relief Efforts

(We'll get to talking about the history in some of the workshop fixtures next week - we put this up during the week and it's so important it needs to stay here as this week's update. Thanks so much to you who have already responded. Have a great weekend everybody.)

Friends of Birdsong Guitars, the time is now. As most know Wimberley, TX was partially destroyed by an epic flooding of the Blanco River. We’re ok and all is fine with the workshop, today was another sunny day building basses here. But just down the road, the landscape and many lives were changed forever. As we are a couple of weeks out now, the TV crews and first responders have done their thing and now is the time for us to do ours, where the help didn’t reach or the timing wasn’t right… this is still a small town and we’re beginning to hear about those with little help and less hope as our town’s public moment passes.

There are many ways I can receive your funds (gift cards are fine too) – CONTACT for the best way for your situation. We're VERY grateful to all who send anything. For someone with the means who feels called to do something really big, I’m offering up the VERY FIRST Birdsong guitar ever. This is from our personal stash, the ONLY one of its kind, and even predates our original 2004 workshop by a couple of years. It was made in my late woodworking mentor & friend John “Uncle Johnny” Kirtland’s workshop; he even rubbed the finish on. Ironically named “Rainmaker” and formerly owned by Eliza Gilkyson who graciously gifted it back to us last year, EVERY PENNY of a donation worthy of this guitar will go directly to flood victims, by my own hands into theirs, spread out to do as much good as possible. (I do have a number in mind, please contact).

My plan, as with the Bastrop wild fires of 2011, is to gather whatever funds I can from wherever, and go put them directly in the hands that need them. This being my home community, that will not be difficult. For those who'd rather donate to an organization, please go through My Neighbor's Keeper or Barnabas Connection. Thank you!Phone: 512-395-5126 anytime (no texts, and leave your number verbally for me if in a message)

Email: (NOT a PayPal address - CONTACT ME FIRST PLEASE)
PM me through Facebook
Or send something to: Scott Beckwith PO Box 1745 Wimberley, TX 78676