Eleven Years After

Birdsong history: Did you know early visitors to the workshop were not only taken to our favorite Mexican restaurant, but also driven down to see the rotating dog? Yes! There was a dog down a dead end road that would come up to the street, bark, and just start rotating in circles.

I'm back on the weekly news blog update for a bit after taking a couple of weeks off from it. July 4th weekend was Birdsong's 11th anniversary and we introduced the triple humbucker Corto3 and single Delano pickup Corto4 basses... Now there's a Cortobass for just about everyone. The Eleven, the 11th anniversary bass, got lots of attention, but is still up for grabs in inventory. Which is no hardship really, it's such a beautiful thing to look over and see hanging there awaiting its final detailing. And the restyled Hy5 short scale 5-strings are finally as good looking as they are toneful and comfy!

I did not get the batch of lap steels or the new SD Curlee basses ready, partly because May's constant unprecedented rainfall here brought with it humidity that would have been a challenge to glue up, rout, or finish in. So after the rains and the final BIG rain and flood of our town, the humidity came back down and the sun started shining again. Workshop humming again, Birdsong always comes first, and that's what I've been busy with. Do stay tuned - those others are coming soon. Certainly not complaining to be this busy with Birdsong - it's a long dream still coming true. Evidently there are plenty of big bass questions we continue to have little bass answers for.

One of these other answers I've been tinkering with is the Sparrow - a real bass, no special rubber strings or trick electronics - just parts of the recipe that help our 31s work like 34s applied to something REALLY short to see if it can feel and sound as good as a typical 30.5" short scale. Well knock me silly with a cheeseweed mallow, it works! Yes it's a little loose, but not sloppy. I'd call it soft to the touch. You can't slam on it, but I could go play a gig on it tomorrow and it sounds just fine... hanging and playing like a 25.5" scale guitar!

Still tweaking it out, but our friend (and before that the 1st Cortobass client back in 2004) Millard was visiting Austin and popped down to the workshop. He said, "It sounds like a bass to me!" giving it high marks for playing ease and performance. It's not a Cortobass, but 'Can't possibly work at all'? Sure, they told him that about the Cortobass too... and here we all are 11 years later!

Still to come? Perhaps the Sparrow (want one?) and definitely in the design phase is some kind of hollow body. For now, look over the models and see what you might like us to make for you... or check out the inventory page (10% off this weekend!) or cyberhop over to one of our dealers... New Jersey Bass and Guitar Center has a couple of Birdsongs including a Bliss of gorgeous walnut with a hand-carved scroll, and online, HD Custom Guitar Supply has at least one special Cortobass with 3 more basses coming. Two soon, Cortobass #314 and Fusion #51 on the client page. 

Thank you so much - thanks for 11 years and counting, and have a great weekend. Next week we'll talk about some of the unusual woods I find myself working with on some of the builds going on right now. As always, call me directly anytime with any questions at all (512) 395-5126. 

Listening to: Live sets from Stuff (1978) and Pharoah Sanders (1999), a bunch of Delta Blues, Max Roach Quartet Scott Free, J.J. Cale Anyway the Wind Blows (Disc 1), John Lee Hooker Blues is my Favourite Colour, Stones Hot Rocks (Disc 2), and Soma FM online broadcast (Suburbs of Goa channel), and oh yeah, Tool Undertow.