(Actually it's the Monday after and I'm updating the update!) Thank you for 11 wonderful years and this past weekend's celebration. Onward into the rest of the year! Hope you & yours had a safe and fun 4th of July. To briefly recap what went on here, on the main BIRDSONG page there are two new models of Cortobass - the Corto3 3-pickup and Corto4 with the beautiful (and powerful) oval Delano humbucker from Germany. On the INVENTORY page are additional tasty bass and guitar treats including "The Eleven", the custom build celebrating our 11th anniversary, and "Rainmaker" - the VERY FIRST Birdsong from back before we were even a company in 2000-2001. This wild walnut guitar is offered with every dollar going directly to those affected by the recent news-making local Blanco River flood a month ago (contact for details). Inventory page - check it out!

Also, updated pictures of the 5-strings are up, these short scale 5s sound huge, play easy, and balance right for folks who find traditionally sized 5s like wearing a Lincoln Continental. Check 'em out: NEW HY5 MODELS 

We officially launched on July 4th, 2004 in one rented bay with borrowed tools and a dream... and a few ideas on how basses could be smaller and lighter, and maybe even better sounding, than the "old standards". Every year since then, on July 4th weekend, we run ridiculous sales & introduce new models. Thanks for being a part of it with us!

I'm taking the next 2 weeks off from the usual Friday blog updates (except for the client builds, I'll keep those going up during the week), but will be here working hard, sweaty and covered with bass-makin' as destiny intended the whole time! Any questions? Call 512-395-5126 anytime or email

Yours in magic workshop sawdust,