Workin' With the Wood

Here's something a little different this week. A tune of mine that gives you a peek into my perspective on workshop & woodcraft and my path through it. It's called Workin' With the Wood... hope you enjoy it.

We’ve all heard stories of magic made
With a steel string under an old tree’s shade
One searching soul that one guitar
And an unseen fire that fuels you far
There’s another kind of mojo mystic man
Manifest The Muse with his callused hand
Soul deeper than the rocky Hill Country soil
Bring it all back to life with a hand rub of oil
In an old workshop where an Oak once stood
Down a well worn path working with the wood

Some groove on pedals and old tube amps
Him it’s old spokeshaves and Jorgensen clamps
And what some folks see as old dead planks
Pulled out of faded barns and river banks
Carving to the tunes from a Trans-Oceanic
Select fitting parts like Jehovah’s mechanic
All is not as it seems there’s more than we see
And I learned well what the man taught me
That plank of mesquite gonna sing real good
Once touched by the hands working with the wood

Are you ever really gone if your work is carried on?

Well we gave old Johnny back to the ground
And that old workshop been long torn down
Might seem funny might sound strange
But the wheel of life it’s all just change
So play it from the heart and rock ‘em all night
Or sing to the stars by the blue moonlight
You practiced hard to get real good
Now go move the people like the music should
In a shop reborn out of torn down wood
I’ll take my time and work with the wood

©2015 S. Beckwith / Parking Lot Music BMI

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