Works In Progress

When you can spend your time crafting beauty that serves as functional tools as well, and serving others in their service with music, you’re very lucky. When you can make a living at it? You’re blessed more than most. With that comes the need to stay grounded, take it seriously, and keep yourself the sharpest tool in the shop. When you’re never less than driven, some days just consume you as fuel. There have to be warm showers and cold water and stars in the sky to replenish you, resharpen you, revive you at the end of a day or week like that. Something for the rest of the brain; something that pulls you out of your context to relax & regroup. Unfocus. Disengage. Be a human being instead of a human doing. Then you nap, then you have the blessing to wake up again. Then you prepare to move the mountain again.

Cultivating reverence to where it’s your base of operations internally, where things coming in and going out enter and depart you through the reverent filter, that’s today’s garden’s fertile ground. Morning ceremony just gets you right – it plants the seeds. What makes the seed grow today? Not you – don’t worry about that. Physically being there, in the moment, ready, willing and able - you just show up ready to do what needs to be done and throw all of you at it. Get all over it and get it all over you. That’s your part.  

Here are some inventory bodies and some great Texas wood available - see something you like?

Ahhhh the magic of the moments when the mountains move; it’s like collaborating with someone you have chemistry with vs. not. This moment has arrived and has chemistry with you, and you partner up with the time and task to serve the potential to its greatest. Offer yourself...

So I posted up on Facebook (find & friend Scott Beckwith, like & follow Birdsong Guitars) this picture that pretty much says it all. Here are the next 23 basses & guitars to come out of the workshop, all released from their previous lives in the plank. Actually there are over 30 but this is the big push, the ones ready to glue and cut and start working their way across the benches following the others. They’ve crossed the line from “Going to happen” to “Already happening.” That’s how Birdsong happened, how any major change in my life happens. There comes a day you find yourself close to something and one task or one day or one list away from making it rock and roll. So you make the list, you gird the loins, and you offer yourself – your best – to the process by which it happens. And the mountain moves. And it’s happening, and let me tell you brothers and sisters that’s a whole different thing than “Gonna” in a workshop. Here’s your gonna - this stack of wood is GONNA fill the world with music!  

That’s why I’m here, that’s what seeded all of this and how I see my service to you beneath it all. Someone feels good when you play. Sometimes rooms of people. And life is better when you feel good. So here I sit, spent and funky, sufficiently consumed, typing this with sawdust in places you don’t even want to think about, pondering this musical garden… and that is my wish to you this weekend and until next Friday’s blog. And always, really ~ “Feel good.”

The cool front has blown through, I’m going to clean up a bit and sit on the porch. Maybe sip something smooth and run an old copper slide up and down the strings of an old blues guitar. Once the moon comes up the coyotes will how from the hills around us, and I’ll contribute a few licks to the ceremony.

Listening to: Mississippi Fred McDowell and a great album called Xenoblast by the Jazz Mandolin Project on Blue Note. Familiar yet different, tasty yet challenging. Alive, vibrant, beautiful music with an absolutely stellar production.