Thursday Thoughts & The Cbass

Sneakin’ one up a little early on a Thursday on you! The Friday news blog has been a tradition for probably a decade at this point, with a handful going up on a Saturday and the occasional early bird when it’s ready and Friday’s looking busy. 

Among so much other fun at the Wingfeather Workshop, a demo video was made for the Birdsong Cbass, where I actually head-to-head it with the very vintage Fender Pbass that was used to dial the model in tone-wise; it’s basically a light, comfy, balanced, easy playing Cortobass with both classic & more modern Pbass tones. Check it out!

The actual Cbass used in the video is now available and ready to ship! It is our standard poplar build for this model and everything you need to know is in this video. Want to make yourself or that special bass player happy for Christmas? Here ya go! Call 512-395-5126.

Speaking of which, it’s push time here at the little workshop in the woods, that time of year where we forge onward and see just how much we can get done before the end of the year and Holiday break. As always there will be a handful of “End of the year” 2016 builds that just won’t get done and one or two surprise ’17 builds that will. It’s not linear because the orders are all different and it flows in here in small batches grouped by similar tasks and which plank is getting cut for what… things like that. They all shuffle their way across the workbenches in due time, and we do thank you for your patience with the process. 

We’re a small workshop that has been steadily busy since 2004. I sometimes get asked why we don’t get bigger and go into production. Well, I’ve taken it to the edge of that crossroads and, going by the way it felt there, decided we would remain a small workshop and not turn into a factory. Oh the instruments would be fine, and I have no doubt after 12 years at this I could sell ten times what we can build now. Maybe this is something to look at in the years to come as I wear out, perhaps Birdsong itself would fly the nest and soar to its full potential. For now, though, to me it’s a beautiful thing the way it is. You just gotta really want it and wait… and again, thank you for that! You get a hand built instrument crafted by hands that want to be here and want to be doing this, and we get to make guitars & basses for patient people who REALLY want what we do. Everybody wins.

We’re planning some fun things on the menu for 2017, and as we’re only able to serve so big of a menu – like any small town café – there are a few things that, for one reason or another (and sometimes just to make room), will drop off. But just because we tighten up the menu as we put a few new offerings on it doesn’t mean anything is “Out of production”, like there are giant molds and computer programs we just destroy… the templates & scribbled notes are still here for most of it and if we’re still tooled up for it we’ll cook you up any past offering we can, no problem. We love them all. But we’re not done cooking up new recipes yet!

Thanks for being with us. Here are some random pictures from the archives, and we’ll talk again next week; I’ll know what the schedule is looking like and fill you in on that. Maybe tease you a bit on the new stuff. For now, it’s back into the shop where a pair of Shortbasses is in sanding, a pair of mahogany Hy5 5-strings are in routing, and there’s a small pile of headstocks to shape. Have a great weekend!

Listening to: Queens Of The Stone Age Rated R Deluxe Version; Deep Purple Burn; and the Eddie Trunk podcast. Kind of a rockin’ week!