Giving Their All

What a game, eh? I can appreciate a good game and that, my friends, was an amazing display even aside from breaking a 108-year Cubs World Series dry spell. Add that in and it was really something! Two GREAT teams giving their all and a butt clencher for all fans start to finish.

For something unique, authorized Birdsong dealer HD Custom Guitar Supply has just posted a special order Cbass crafted from hundred year old brewery tank redwood with custom touches, truly a one time build! You can see that here

The stereo in the workshop has given its all I’m afraid, so other arrangements have been made temporarily to keep the music going. Last CD successfully played was a 5 song EP from 2006 by a band called The Simon Pure that rotated back into my mental inventory from a dusty CD pile this week. I have the feeling it was sent to me by a client (you out there?), but the band put no last names, locational reference, or any links in the liner notes that are currently active. Would love to talk with them – but it’s definitely not the bluegrass band currently with the name. Popped it out and the CD player choked on Aerosmith and that was that. 

One year ago our little town was gathering itself up from the second “hundred year flood” of 2015. First was the Blanco River, then the Halloween flood of Cypress Creek. I saw a man the other morning out getting some breakfast tacos, one we were able to do some good for after he lost his home, thanks to the generosity of our clients. You never hear me complain, there’s never any drama report here; Birdsong handles its end, takes care of its business and never cries wolf. So when something DOES hit the fan nearby, I put the word out and you always come through – for the flood, we were high ground gratefully and thankful to be on the giving end of some assistance. This man is a good man, a widower, and he was able to refit his garage into a big apartment for himself. You helped. He thanks you, Birdsong family – as do I. 

Ok, random pics from the archives, and I’m out of here!

Oh that last picture... while we're on the topic of a rather fuzzy member of the team, here you go - the best ten seconds of your day from Maggie the Heeler - she loves you.

All the best from our circle to yours,

Listening to: The Simon Pure (whoever you are, not the bluegrass band, but from ’06) – a little Aerosmith (very little, unfortunately) – and lots of Paul Desmond and Ed Bickert.