December Thoughts

Over Thanksgiving weekend the 11th “Album Of The Month” for 2016, "Ether Or" was posted at Soundcloud (listen to the playlist) and Noisetrade (download as an album, as it was put together – tip optional and appreciated). An eclectic collection of instrumental pieces from a solo acoustic guitar meditation to wild psychedelic freeform “Space jam” with guitar based rock band tunes and textural soundscapes between. Most of it was layered to life during the mid 2000s and this is a “Scott Beckwith & Friends” release because others contributed a layer here & there on it. More info is at

December is shaping up like this – the workshop is working until December 20th when we break for Christmas & Holidays through January 8th or so. A short break for us because we have so much to do in here. Closing the doors to the workshop for a bit is healthy and, unless I can meditate myself into actual bilocational ubiquity instead of what it looks like around here sometimes, is necessary since I’m expected for a few dinners. But it’s like calling a child in from the yard in the middle of a play adventure. I don’t wanna, I’m not done yet! Really, I do wanna, and I gotta...

Part of being a go-getter is that part of your brain constantly trying to nail down the steps between the “Now” and the goal – what’s most efficient? When can this happen? What’s next? Reset! New goal! Take aim! What are the steps? That drive. It works for you in that I push to get through the line to somewhere reasonably close to the build time estimate I gave you those months ago, but we all realize that’s reasonable as in home cooking for a big table of folks with a line waiting out the door, not “Fast food” counter reasonable… because we’re not fast food. Believe me “The manager” in my head puts in overtime. I know from years at this most of you are more patient with the process than I am. I’m a kid having adventures in the woods in here; I want it all to happen at once and just go roll around in the sawdust pile with my little daily to do lists and mantras and conjure up these tools of creation from my magical kingdom!!!

Reality? It’s more of a daily meditation and focus in the moment on one step at a time; that’s how it works for me. A good and steady pace but calm. The pro quarterback vs. the high school quarterback. Life has honed this guy I find myself now into the chef you see through the window off to the side, light reflecting off of tools in motion, helping hands on either side. Yeah, you can see him sweat; that old saying is bullpuckie. But for what you see of that there are heaping plates coming out of that little room, seemingly endless and steady. And you sit knowing yours is on its way, whether now or next or a half hour. It’s a great pace and a wonderful zone, but I know it’s not sustainable and I’m grateful for the breaks… AND your patience with the process. And your trust in manifesting an instrument to be your voice. (That's a pretty high calling in my world.) And everything all around me and all of you, especially the occasional client who is like a kid in the back seat on a car trip. I LOVE you guys. Because I get that, I get the enthusiasm completely – it’s me in here every day, just like you. I may have to remind you at times that this whole custom order cookin’ up a bass or guitar for you process between us is more “We’re making a baby” than “Will that be all sir? Here’s your tray!” but I have to remind myself of that in here ALL THE TIME. 

Yours is also on its way, I promise. 

This will be the last blog here on the news page for 2016. It’s home stretch time and my hands need to be making basses. I’ll still be posting on Facebook, so if you’re not friends (Scott Beckwith) or following (Birdsong Guitars) you’re missing more of this and pictures too! Check onto the music pages linked at the top towards the end of the year, as by then I’ll have the 12th album up there, and some of you “By the end of the year, I think…” new Birdsong mommas & daddies will get contacted by me because yours are flying the nest! The rest of my friends and the head-manager-voices and the builds in process at whatever stage all awaiting the “nexts” that keep us on the path to what will be tomorrow, we will all meet up back here as soon as I can gather myself up from the Holidays and again get things finished and started and movin’ along... 

Honestly, all of this is mere detail when we think of all that is celebrated this time of year and all we have, despite challenges and pesky uncle Thurmon spraying pretzels out his mouth and little Reggie who falls down the stairs every year and those dad gum teenagers coming back in giggling with their eyes all red and all. Someone’s going to look at one eyed grandpa Bill and say “I’ll keep an eye on that” without thinking about it first and old cousin Beatrice, well… she’ll fart. It happens every time. I know. And every time you say "Can I quote you on that?" or ask her to pass the cheese and all hell breaks loose, and that only makes you laugh harder until you're all red and can't breathe and start waving yourself away from the table and your mother starts asking you if this is really necessary and muttering about your father and not knowing what she was thinking or where she went wrong and now here you are absolutely beside yourself in the kitchen, with the dog staring at you like you're nuts, trying not to listen, pulling yourself together for an uncomfortable re-entry trying not to look at anybody because you'll explode. It's a tentative composure at best; I know.  I know.

Despite all the nuttiness this is a glorious time of renewal and gathering. Be grateful my friends. Be grateful for the big things if the little ones are loose marbles right now, and if the big things aren’t so happening find joy and hope in the little things that will, like pieces of wood and wire and tuning machines and screws, somehow with a little love, a bit of drive and a heap of devotion become something much much bigger. Love everyone around you, even brother Mitty who you’d rather just finally DID leave the country like he’s been ranting about doing every time he’s asked to pass the salt or how his day was or how big a piece of the pie he’d like since he was a mumbling red eyed teenager too. LOVE that guy. He’s doing the best he can.

We all are, here, together, overlooking the quirks and spittle and air biscuits of the human condition, looking deeper for a while as we gather with gratitude for our blessings. If you don’t think you have any, turn off the screen and look around for a while. Go for a walk in the woods. Eat some pretzels and milk.

That’s the news from the Wingfeather Workshop, the little green nest in the woods where the sun shines, sawdust is made and all of the instruments are above average. From our circle to yours we wish you Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a hopeful and healthy New Year!

(Call or email, we’re not disappearing. Scott’s cell phone: 512-395-5126. He’ll take your orders personally and answer any questions any time.)   

Listening to: Skip James live in '68, Jim Hall & Attila Zoller live in '73, and The Wipers Follow Blind.