Scott’s ALBUM OF THE MONTH for April is up for download at http://noisetrade.com/scottbeckwith

It’s FREE, tips are optional (and always much appreciated) but not required. 

I’ve spent a lot of time in vehicles on the road – mostly vans, road trips, but sometimes in housetrucks; little rolling homes. Sometimes when you’re out there pretty much cut off and self contained your perception changes… I find that an incredibly creative space to be in. So just about every road trip I’ve done since the mid 1990s I’ve had an old Tascam PortaOne 4-track aboard and recorded songs along the way – aboard the van in rest areas, parking lots and truck stops, and here and there in the occasional motel room. 

Tire Tracks is a release of the best of all of this material. By “best” I mean in an artistic way – that these are pure songs coming out and captured raw in the moment, real music of the road. I have more polished, commercial stuff up and more to come… this is not that. These are sonic snapshots, part of how I roll & regroup when I hit the road.

On www.sbeckwith.com I’ll list out the tracks and where & when they were recorded. Vol. 1 has recordings from 1996-2015; two rainy rest areas separated by 14 years (the opening invocation from 2000, track 10 from 2014); campgrounds in Alamogordo, NM and Marion, NC;  motels in PA, MS, TX, FL, LA and an abandoned used car lot in Florida. Please consider any sonic issues or looseness in presentation proof of authenticity. 

I hope to have it all up at Soundcloud for easy listening over the weekend too... (I'll update this).

As always I hope you enjoy it, please let me know it downloaded ok, and feel free to share the music. 


Listening to: Mississippi Fred McDowell; Ken Totushek Pilgrim Song; Grateful Dead Europe ’72 volume 2