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Ok. So…

Prince and Lonnie Mack in one day. Both sad, one a total shock. We’ve lost a bus full of artists & players so far in the past six months, but I’ll tell you – this Prince passing at 57 thing, that’s hitting a little too close to home. Even considering anything in the second half borrowed time as I do, as a cheating of incredible odds, an astounding feat of engineering and sheer luck, this is just leaving a bit too much sandwich on the plate.

Life is a month to month lease. Really it’s moment to moment, but that makes it kind of tough to plan trips, enjoy a book, or buy green bananas. So I loosen the leash a little. I get it, it’s a series of hills and eventually one is bigger than what’s left. But Prince at 57? Sheesh. It helps that music lives on in others’ CD racks and album crates, in the ones and zeros of data in devices and in the wood and wire of instruments. We don’t disappear.

Prince will be remembered as much for his influence on other artists and music as his own work. He could play anything too – he was his own best band. Many are quick to reference Hendrix in his guitar playing, but as a disciple of Eddie Hazel I recognize more Hazel & Funkadelic in there than Hendrix Experience. Though still having 10 years on me I can picture him on a school night with his headphones on under the blanket listening to Hazel play “Maggot Brain” and having his world shift a little too.

I wasn’t a huge fan and honestly didn’t get a lot of the edgier stuff. It’s great he created it for those who do. And honestly I’ve never in my life partied like it was 1999 (at least I don’t remember it, and I’m sure the statute of limitations has long run out), but I have had some good times to the soundtrack of being young, and for those of the Purple Rain generation like me, a bunch of that was Prince and his circle. Whether his own songs, other people singing his songs (Nothing Compares 2U, Manic Monday, Jungle Love), or other artists trying to fit his mold. It was a purple world for a while.

For these young times I can thank Prince, and as a musician and creative artist I can also mourn for another one down with no suitable replacement in sight. It might just be my sight because I’m set in my ways a bit and not really looking. I know times change and I gotta have faith it’ll work itself out how it needs to be. It’s not all up to me. But somehow I’m still here this morning and he’s not – so I’ve got to paint the world around me a little more colorfully and be a little stronger in spreading whatever it is that I contribute outwards so that those ripples may do whatever is needed of them once I’m not. This is how they live on – the Princes, the Lonnies, the Bowies, the ripples. In however we absorb their influence and ripple it out with our own work. Inhale, exhale. Life. Live. 

I was dreaming when I wrote this…

Listening to: Charlie Parker, Best Of Bird; Trojan Records Presents: Rock Steady (disc 2); Sinatra and Strings; a random unlabeled CD of acoustic instrumental music that came into my world in 2003; whatever it is, it's a definitive slice of guitar making music. And at the suggestion of a friend partial to Brent-era Dead, Grateful Dead Live at Crisler Arena on 1989-04-05  - very good show - thanks Mike!