In addition to the BIG meaning of July 4th, Independence Day (HAPPY 4th - we hope you have a wonderful & safe weekend), it is also the time we celebrate the birth of Birdsong! There were years and instruments leading up to it but on the morning of July 4th 2004 we hit the button and www.birdsongguitars.com went live. There our journey REALLY  began. So through midnight Monday the 4th we have some fun deals going on to celebrate! With MANY THANKS to all who fly Birdsong all over the world (including all of you who don’t have one – we know you’re with us and, when the time is right, we’d LOVE to make you something special) here are 12 ANNOUNCEMENTS! Thanks for being with us...

1. A video message on our 12th Anniversary from the Captain of the ship in the Wingfeather Workshop, Wimberley, TX. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jtZuUSDbkw

2. THE 12th ANNIVERSARY Birdsong, a special walnut & maple Cortobass trimmed in gold & black with special edge carving and anniversary woodburning. Only one!
(Pics & info on the INVENTORY page.)

3. SD CURLEE is celebrating 40 years of its instruments in the world in 2016 with THIS WEEKEND’S SALE – 20% OFF inventory and new orders through Monday the 4th at midnight! SDC was known in the ‘70s, an inspiration to Birdsong, and was resurrected by us in 2011 to give these rocking MEDIUM SCALE basses the refinement they never got.
(Check the SD CURLEE & MORE page and the INVENTORY page)

4. The FIRST ALL NEW SD CURLEE MODEL in decades, the Phoenix, is now available to order and included in the sale – and there’s one in mahogany in inventory.
(Check the SD CURLEE & MORE page and the INVENTORY page)
INFO & DEMO VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trLai52mqEU

5.  BIRDSONG SALE PRICING THIS WEEKEND! As marked on the inventory page – for in-process available builds and new orders this weekend, 15% OFF with the standard two payments, or pay in full and get 20% OFF. On a Birdsong, that’s a CHUNK O’CHANGE, folks! NOW through Monday the 4th at midnight.
(Check out the models on the BIRDSONG page, and INVENTORY)

6. The Sparrow is officially on the Birdsong menu. Response to our little experiment-turned-offering was as surprising as its performance. Like our 31” scale basses that perform like 34s, here is a 25-1/2” scale “pocket bass” that thumps like a 30!
(Info on the BIRDSONG page, DEMO VIDEO HERE:

7. NEW videos are up at the Wingfeather Workshop channel on YouTube – subscribe and you’ll know when we put up more! And while you’re at it, friend Scott Beckwith AND follow Birdsong Guitars and SD Curlee USA all on Facebook. We won’t fill your face with stupid political memes – only beautiful instruments, workshop peeks, and the occasional grungy old musclecar. FUN!
CORTO4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scy6YM2X6yI
SPARROW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MW89KnVG8mg
SD CURLEE PHOENIX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trLai52mqEU
Scott on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scott.beckwith.35
Birdsong Guitars Facebook: 
SD Curlee Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SD-Curlee-180083418771234/?fref=ts


8. Special Birdsong pieces in inventory this weekend – every year I take a piece or two out of “The Vault” and offer them up to players and collectors. Without you, we wouldn’t be here and these wouldn’t mean all that much. But we ARE and they DO! 

9. The LAST of the “most together” uncompleted NOS Curlee projects from the early ‘80s are offered on the inventory page! They all have wear from decades of handling & storage, but these are some SUPER rare Curlee “Strat basses” – name used for reference only, that’s what the Fendery body was called then because that’s what it was – from the last days of the original company. 


10. Scott’s used gear in inventory! Much of this will only be offered this weekend, can combine with Birdsongs and SDCs for killer deals. If you’re reading this right now, you’re probably into Birdsong and most likely pretty cool, so it’s easier for me to let go of stuff! Instruments, amps, a bunch of pedals – let me know if you see anything you’re interested in having. This stuff will filter up through Friday.

11. I’m taking some of August off. When I first organized Birdsong the concept, it included August off and time over the Christmas / New Year Holiday season. In 12 years of Birdsong the company I’ve never managed to get any mid-year re-gathering replenishing recharging time off; I ran it all the way ‘til late December the way I run it – balls out. I’m super lucky - I love what I do, don’t sleep a whole lot, have wonderful help, and there’s nowhere in the world I’d rather be than the Wingfeather Workshop helping wood become tools of good vibration. I believe an artist should spend themselves on their craft; that’s what we’re here to do. But much like Bobby from the Grateful Dead would say after an epic two hour first set, August 1st will be “Stick around folks, we’ll be back after a short break.” I’ll rock it through the end of this month and then be back on it later in August.

12. When I do, among lots of others I’ll begin turning one particular very large and very special plank of wood into a handful of instruments. This is a slab of cypress from a tree down on the banks of the Blanco River for hundreds of years until the flood of 2015. It was a devastating time for our little town. A local had a few slabs of one of the many lost cypresses (cypri?) and I knew one of these trees was to live again – I can’t fix the river or the lives, the people or the houses. But you do what you can, and I can turn one little part of this tragedy into MUSIC. And we know music heals and helps and brings people together… where is this NOT needed? Exactly. So this one tree, in honor of all the people and trees and life affected, will spread out and sing to the world for the rest of our lives and beyond. If you’re interested in a bass, guitar, or lap steel from this please let me know. Or a set; I’m making a set for myself. 

BONUS: Hey that’s an idea! If anyone wants a SET of instruments from the workshop – bass of your choice, custom guitar, and a Texas lap steel – I’ll throw in a package of woodcraft from the builds and we’ll give you 30% OFF! Set your whole band up, or form one around these instruments. NOW through Monday at midnight!

CALLS are best, LEAVE YOUR NUMBER VERBALLY in your message please! 
512-395-5126 ANY TIME through Monday at midnight. I mean it - I’ll talk bass anytime. 
***NO TEXTS*** 

IMs on Facebook to me (friend me) are good, I’ll be checking it all weekend, and posting updates.

Email scott@birdsongguitars.com and put SALE in the subject. Checking it all weekend.

THANK YOU SO MUCH and have a great weekend – hope to hear from you, you can ask me any questions and maybe we can work up a build on your dream bass. Thank you for 12 incredible years; here’s to many more!