Noises From The Nest

Some great sounds have been playing out of the dusty “Green shop” speakers, as usual around here, special sounds mixing and sometimes matching the humming of the tools and sounds of wood being worked. I usually list what we’ve been listening to at the end of these updates in hopes some good folks out there in other-side-of-the-screen-land will say to yourselves, “Self, someone I dig is listening to this so I’m going to give it a shot.” That’s how I found SO much music over the decades. Someone I thought had something on the ball or was really cool was listening to an album or an artist? I would definitely check it out. Did I like all of it? No. Did much of it enrich my life? MOST definitely! There’s so much music but you can’t judge an old band by one song or wait for the good stuff to fall in your hand. It’s an orchard, a grove – go pick you a basket! Especially if someone points out a particularly good tree.

Mostly this week I’ve been playing DJ for the tiny little birds in the nest just outside the main shop door. What were eggs are now tiny moving heads with beaks, Ms. Birdie coming and going to feed them and tweet at them from a nearby tree. All part of a plan she – and they – somehow know, the nexts that need to happen in these quickly changing chapters of birdie life. I was thinking if that were me what would I want to hear? Probably the tweetles of Mumford I’m sure and she’s taking care of that. But in the background these little beings have been soundtracked into this world to some old delta blues from Jack Owens, the chants of an Indian Guru, and some fantastic Grateful Dead from 1972. Little birdie life isn’t long or easy but I hope they have some good times and find their bliss in moments. Your basses are all pretty sweet, but these are the cutest little ones being born at Birdsong this week! 

When I started putting out an album a month in January, I told you it would be a colorful ride. Mild to wild… well this month’s offering will be the wild side of things. So far there’s lots of singer-songwriter stuff up of all shape & seasoning, with some instrumental stuff, but nothing like this. OMusic. Not Irish (“Timmy O’Music, you remember him from school?”) it’s a mix of OM – a sacred sound in Eastern spiritual paths – and music, the most sacred thing in the world to me. Words, lyrics, that’s one side of things. Improvised music, that’s the stuff closest to my core; I consider it prayer. It’s tapping into a force of the basic energy that everything is made of; that’s deep. So if you’re looking for a pensive song about passing time, a tender love song, or more of the Bob Seger influence, not this month. This is electric cosmic church music from my most far-out in the late ‘90s and early to mid 2000s. Loud, loose, and a sincere attempt to realign you molecularly through the force of sound by hands trying to channel the universe through the ceremony of rhythm and feedback. I hope, like any of my stuff, it finds the ears that need it and carries my highest wishes to the rituals of your life. 

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Have a great weekend my friends! Thanks for being with us.