Thursday's Thoughts

No big update this week, just a few words and a few pictures here - we have five or six basses that should be finished up in the next week or so before I take my break, meanwhile the computer will be off the next couple of days so any contact will be best by phone call to the nest at 512-395-5126.

Busy busy but as always in the midst of magic and the blooming of a musical instrument garden, at the end of a list of “nexts” that needed to happen to keep the basses & guitars happening and going home to waiting hands, it’s a good and full kind of tired. 

During the running of some errands this morning I will be visiting a store down in the city that I’ve heard is closing; I have bought many books and a stack of CDs there over the past years. When we were in a great book called “Hand Made Hand Played” years ago, it was there I stood and saw it first. The place has fed me. It has gotten plenty of money from me, but it has fed me with a soundtrack of music and books of inspiration, and pleasant distraction through stacks and stacks of car magazines.

I will buy my last of them from there, take one last look around it, wish well on all involved and get in my resurrected old Road Runner and come back to the homestead. Change is, but I am and if I carve where I can and rub the oil in right, the best may be yet to come in spite of what we lose along the way.

A luthieric perspective. 

Have a great weekend everybody!

Listening to: actually been into working to the natural sounds of my world this week; birdsong, the breeze through the trees, the steady hum of the air conditioner in assembly, the buzzing of a mud dauber working in a corner of the green shop; the tools working the wood, my breath, and the first songs of instruments.