I’m working but I’m watching too. This is a fascinating process. The end user only interested in something that works, and even some who appreciate something made vs. manufactured, may not really think too much or care about it. I know I do, and if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you do too.

The way the wood becomes major components and detail pieces, the control plate material goes from sheets to plates & covers, and how the metal parts & screws come from their packaging as parts into drawers and containers here by the assembly bench, and onto their position in the instrument.

There are definite landmark moments in the process where, with this one task, the whole project now is at a whole other level. Roundover on the edges and suddenly it’s no longer a blank being routed but a guitar body awaiting its next steps towards finishing. Even uncarved, a fingerboard gets glued onto that neck blank and it’s now a neck that needs a bit more work, not something that’s going to be a neck. It now is that. 

It is still surreal to me living these dual perspectives of doer and watcher simultaneously. I am in what I do but I am not that no matter how many may know me through it. I am merely the sharpest tool in the workshop and this is my offering, my prayer, my meditation in wood and wire. What parts will I do today? How will that manifest? It all adds up and it all comes together.

The coyotes have returned, in the distance they can be heard in early morning and into the evening. This makes me very happy; when you move out to nowhere and time passes, you get worried. Time changes nowheres into little wheres that somehow then connect into somewheres. If you don’t go to the suburbs, they eventually come to you. When I nested on this raw land it was a bit more far out than it is now. Hey, the same could be said for me. All part of the journey by which we – on the one hand – age and change that way, and – on the other – awaken and bloom at the same time.

I love the sound of the coyotes like I love the fall, a familiar home feeling; like I love each new day’s dawn and the hope for another; like I love the tasks at hand in the process that will, with continued work, know the songs they sing.

Listening to: Lots of live Bill Evans Trio recordings, Andy Brown solo jazz guitar, Scott Denett trio live (more jazz guitar), and Grateful Dead (specifically 8-6-74 NJ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4y3NGCkQ7aA and Europe 72 Vol. 2 – a must have if only for the 45 min. jam on disc 2 alone.)