THE TEXAS FALL SALE! Here in south central Texas fall lasts about two days, so that’s about how long the sale is. We’re never sure when exactly it’s going to happen, and most of you weren’t even expecting this. So if I caught you napping with the flannel shirts still in the closet there, welcome to the club! But we can be cool together, see? Me here with a nice day in the 70s with my favorite flannel ready for the evening and the windows open… and you there knowing one of the coolest, most comfy basses in the world is on its way to your hands from ours! Or a lap steel, there’s TWO in inventory as I write this. So what’s the deal, you ask? And what are the DEALS? Read on, brethren.

2017 has been the greatest year of my building life, certainly of the company that became. And I want to end the year on an absolute high note with a fantastic 4th quarter – just SEAL THE DEAL, you know? So to be absolutely CERTAIN that this has been the best year for Birdsong EVER, it’s “Random Pop-up SALE” time! That’s right, with no notice except this right here (and teasers all week on Facebook)...

I want to sell 11 instruments this weekend. 

TO DO IT the deals will be offers you can’t refuse. There are 8 READY (or almost ready) in inventory including a couple of Texas Lap Steels, there are 6 basses in progress to claim and have fitted & finished to order, and there will be deep discounts & option comps on every new custom build order SATURDAY THE 21st! (and Sunday too, for the stragglers…)

That’s right, that’s tomorrow. Someone once told me “It’s easier to say you’re sorry sometimes than to get permission in the first place” and that’s exactly what I’m telling you. Use it as needed, friends - there will probably never be deals like this again. If you see something you want or there is something we can make for you, now is the time. The July sale is always big, but it won’t be this deep. These are “CALL ME” prices, one time deals. 512-395-5126. 

((Please note these will be new sale prices, no existing order substitutions or trades))

ALSO – a lot of the crazy stuff you’ve seen happen this year (2017 was the year of “Yes, I’ll do it!”), next year might not. At least not so many. But it’s not next year yet, is it? No, it’s not. So we could get something really outrageous on the build books for you AND lock you in at a sale price! Sort of a giving back to all of you watching and wanting (and waiting) while we get to absolutely seriously CRUSH our 13th year. Stuff like this... what's your dream in a short, balanced, comfy bass?

AND I’ll even do Gift Certificates this weekend that will be worth 30% more when they get applied.


If you want to treat yourself to a real comfy hand built mojo filled Birdsong, if you want to make that cool buddy or special someone bass player really happy, or that lap steel player, here you go! Some of these INVENTORY instruments and the remaining orders already on the books I’m aiming for the end of the year on are all that will leave the shop in 2017. Hide it for Christmas or your Holiday of tradition. Store it for a birthday. And what a truly fantabulous anniversary gift! They work hard, they give you love. Give them a Birdsong.

OK, I’m out to get some pizza with my puppy dog. I’ll talk to y’all tomorrow. Any time after sunrise, the phone will be on ALL THE WAY THROUGH to Sunday evening. Saturday midnight? Fair game. If you want a Birdsong, I have the time for you whatever hour. If you leave a message PLEASE LEAVE YOUR NUMBER. Thanks so much! 

Listening to: ‘70s Aerosmith, Delta blues, dub reggae, and a great recording from 1974 of Keith Richards & Ronnie Woods’ “Barbarians” side project.