Boy oh boy the last months of this year came fast! They say time flies when you’re having fun and it certainly did, and we certainly have been!

Mid-year for our anniversary is when new ideas get shown; end of the calendar year and the beginning of another is when we make a bit of room. Very few models ever really go “Out of production” here because there IS no production, past maybe grouping like builds into a little batch, a wee handful. We make every one happen; it’s a workshop. I don’t burn the old templates or anything and every year there are off menu sonic sandwiches that get made to request. “I always wanted a Mesquito…” yes, I can dust off that template and find a chunk of mesquite and put a fretless neck on. Same with just about anything we’ve done unless it was something that became something much better or that drove me absolutely batshit crazy. By that I mean I don’t go off all unhinged, that’s not in me – I just disappear for long stretches into assembly with the peculiar gaze of the internally somnambulant. We try to minimize that as I do, however small, have a ship to captain. 

A main menu is for perpetual favorites, what’s proven to be new favorites, and room for a new idea or two to be slipped in. Others can become custom options, bodies in a “Custom” gallery to base a build around as a special order, or special requests. But there’s only so much room on it and it’s getting a bit unwieldy. This time of year I think of refinements to tighten it up a bit in ways that make sense from this side of the screen. As it is so much fun and inspiring to be doing this, the ideas always overflow the plate of what realistically can be served as offerings. Unless we want to become bigger! Aaaaand... we don’t. Things are great and balanced right where we are – like our basses. Why add size and weight where it is not needed? Let something be as it is when it finds that balance. That’s a key to a good life too, for anyone reading – it does not mean you lack ambition or vision to decide you are at a place you wish to simply maintain and refine. Whatever size it may be, if it serves as needed, there does come a time in a life or a business where you’ve already built it. There’s a balance now in how it works, and there’s a balance in you as you work the parts of it you work – and as you work within its own workings as a balanced system that includes you. Don’t be sold that it’s always grow or die or push push push for bigger bigger bigger. It is in some chapters, but not always.

Usually the workshop shuts down for a bit mid-December, and that’s not happening this year. There might be a short break after the new year blows in (I’ll let you know) but for now it’s on through ‘til the dawn. Life doesn’t owe any of us a garden that blooms – despite any and all of our planting and tending and serving of seed. So when it happens you dig in and get it all over you, and 2017 was just that – we ran it straight through. No August break, no half month coming up. What a blast; what an opportunity to serve music and nature and YOU, all of which are very sacred things to me. Best Birdsong year yet! I’m holding up well, the tools are doing great, and the helping hands still with us have been doing supremely good work, so we’re going to ride 2017 in and get as many basses into their waiting hands as we can… and take 2018 as it comes, probably at a little bit more sane rate.

You won’t see an update blog post here next Friday so I want to wish you and your circle a warm and safe Thanksgiving. Stay tuned, and stay tuned!

Listening to: Kamasi Washington The Epic, Grateful Dead American Beauty, some great Terrence McKenna lectures, and The Dave Brubeck Quartet with The Montreal International Jazz Festival Orchestra New Wine.