Adopt a 'Dog...

Nobody tells you on the way in about the magic. They look at numbers and you and tell you all about the challenges and what you need for tools and how many of this will pay for how many of those. Put the “in” numbers in this column, the “out” numbers in that column. It’s how something becomes more than a hobby, whatever it is.

But then people happen. And sure they come and go, and some are just nutty... but once things are really rolling for a while and you start noticing the wonderful people – each with a story - that happen to come and go through your lives along WITH the biz plate-spinning and challenges, it’s just amazing. You become a thread in their tapestry, and they yours.

I started a guitar company; I had no idea I would see some of these other people as family. As brothers and sisters however distant. They don’t tell you this on the way in. They don’t tell you how over time you will see these folks’ names in the inbox checking in or hear their voices or, even from a distance, see a post of how they're doing OK and smile because they’ve been parts of the joy in your life for years. Five years. Ten years. Fifteen years… longer than most marriages. Heck, longer than some of theirs! 

Making a living doing what you love is a blessing. It’s not a birthright no matter how all-in one may be. Many try; few make it. There’s a lot of compromise, preparation, right steps, and discipline involved yes – but a tremendous amount of synchronicity and luck as well. To mix metaphors, no matter how well you play the cards it’s still a roll of the dice. When they come up good, it’s partly you and partly luck… and - always - partly others.

Nobody tells you on the way in that, like a family, given the years you will grow together – age together – and ultimately begin to help each other through the final chapters as they come – some expectedly, some suddenly. This year, thankfully, I am able to be involved in helping a few in the Birdsong circle tie up a few later loose ends while they’re still kickin’; it’s an honor, and it’s a hell of a lot more fun than just getting the sad call. 

This is a one-off custom bass, made very early – one of our first 50 – designed for easy handling by a man with severely weakened hands. It has a handle, tapewound strings and super low action – no grip required. I can set it up however you’d like. The bass’ name is Greendog and it has been heavily played for 12 years, which to us means heavily loved. And if I remember correctly its 1-piece poplar body was the first of this shape that then became the original 5-string's body.

One of the Birdsong circle, this extended family, has decided that now is the time to re-home his prized possession. I’m not exaggerating that. This guy’s had it rough. But he’s filled my inbox with smart-ass comments for so many years now frankly I’m hoping for a couple more. And I respect his decision – sometimes even in lives that don’t leave a lot of room for choices, you still have to put your foot down somewhere and say “No – I decide this.” Not everything gets left to fate; I decide. I respect that to my core. 

So we are looking to find a home to adopt this piece of Birdsong history and to get the client some cash to help this chapter be a little more comfortable. All he wants is a good TV with a nice big screen to watch, to keep the computer on, and have a decent boom box to play music. I wish I could give him a time machine and a cleaner bill of health, and a caring circle around him, and hands that work better. But all I can do is send him back my own smart-ass retorts to keep him laughing… and sell his bass.

Please email or call 512-395-5126 (no texts) for more details. Please get in touch - this is time sensitive. The right home is very important – arrangements can be made; I’ll help as I can, especially for another player this bass could help keep playing a while longer or maybe someone young just beginning the journey.

Thanks, have a great weekend, and know we love you.

Listening to: Nothing but dub reggae –  whole albums by The Scientist, Blackheart, Creation Rebel, and various compilations.