The Follow Through

Phrasal verb of follow

1. (In golf, baseball, and other sports) continue one's movement after the ball has been struck or thrown.

Still in, still getting after it. Usually by now we’re sweeping up for the year and beginning a break, but being in the home stretch of our best year ever we’re sending a clear message of gratitude and devotion to you, our clients, and the universe by working clear through ‘til 2018. The ball in Times Square won’t be the only one dropping a couple of weeks from now, but what a glorious year this has been. “It’s a good kind of tired!” Start with doing what we love for a living, year 13, and then add the coolest projects for the coolest people imaginable. Then ramp it up a few notches. I have spent most of the past year having a very tenuous thread to what day it is and none to the hour at all. As the nutty professor here, there have been those years where it has been more one or the other (nutty or professor) and this year has definitely leaned waaaay over onto the blissfully manic super driven all-in artist craftsman side of things. Unsustainable, but good God so much fun. And at 48 and counting, one does understand the concept of the follow through on the swing.

Things lined up, we aimed for the lights, and it happened. So I’m sure as hell not going to walk it in now. At 12:01 AM January 1st I will slide in, taking home plate like it means something. And both you and I will know without a doubt that every possible piece of every build that could happen and fly the nest in 2017 doth hath happenedeth, and hath flown into the handeths of thee and thyne.  

I had an epiphany this week in an aisle of the local Ace Hardware. I couldn’t find a single pack of plain old 60 watt bulbs in that entire expanse of bulbous lumenary accoutrema. Not ONE, Jack! I gave myself two trips up & down the aisle before I just walked away shaking my head. I had everything else I was there for and I had things to do. I’m sure part of it’s me but part of it’s just too many options, most of which I have no interest in whatsoever. So while I didn’t outburst in the aisle, at least internally I’m at the “Baaaugh, I just want some damn plain lightbulbs!” stage. I knew I’d get here eventually, but I’m happily not to the point where the whole town is piling up behind me in the express lane and I’m going “Mmmm, here’s threeeee cents, I know I have another penny in here soooomewhere…” That’s not a point, it’s a precipice. That’s where a lot of stuff comes into play. Left adrift in the dust by my own generation’s technology, it’ll be a quick slip from “Hanh, what’s alla that racket you got goin’ on that radio…” to loudly complaining to the lady at the Welcome To Florida highway center about the amount of water in the toilets because one testicle “…hangs inda the woateh…” No no no - I’m not ready yet. I’ll hold that off and keep ‘em cinched up and to the wall as long as I can.

To that goal we’ll be cruising in the middle lane next year and not foot to the floor, head on swivel in the hammer lane. But thank you all so much – it has been a dream year after 20 of designing, refining, and finagling what to build where and how exactly and with whom. It all added up in 2017 and when that happens you feel it, you feel it in the machine, you feel it on the field, you just feel it. This moment is what you add up to – bring your “A game” and get after it. The zone has found you and you’re ready to dance. Then? Well, you dance like hell! I’m no racecar driver, I’m no ball player, and I dance like a medical emergency. But we did build the heck out of some basses this year! Here’s one – leaving for the west coast. Every one is special, every one gets the same love. I'm talking clients AND basses. But to have the opportunity to craft something like this, that’s just a blessing from the universe. A challenge for sure, but a blessing. 

Thank you all so much, and if you’re waiting for an end of the year Birdie from me, there are eight of them in assembly I’m working towards shipping as they’re done. I'll be putting pics on the builds page over the weekend, and I’ll be contacting you to make sure you’ll be around and work delivery around your Holiday schedule.

Have a great weekend!

Your favorite little woodgnome,

Listening to: Jazz. Lots of jazz, especially Frank Morgan Mood Indigo.