Exciting Times

Finishing up this batch of wilder custom orders now leaving the nest has been great fun – laminates, stringers, hand carved scrolls, exotic woods, an ancient looking finish… very artistic, a real blessing to have the opportunity to work such craft into being. Like I always say, and this goes for clients of ANYTHING from the Wingfeather workshop, “Thanks so much for your patience with the process.”  There’s a doubleneck that’ll be into assembly this month, a quartet of Wimberley flood cypress builds into routing and shaping, some Shortbass action, and not one but TWO “Artists” – the really really fancy builds – getting under way shortly. Really feeling in here like this is the golden age of Birdsong. It has always been fun and meaningful but now moreso than ever.  

This is a bubble. This is fantasy land. Not that there aren’t challenges or sudden zigs and zags necessary to avoid life’s sometimes Wile E. Coyotean pianos falling from the sky, but on the whole things could have gone completely off the rails at any point. Here I am feeling unconnected to time despite its ticking; unattached to it, like “Meh, I’ve got too much good work to do to get all wrapped up in a few gray hairs or celestial impermanence”, carving out instruments as if it was my life’s entire reason. It’s what it all added up to... what this seed is going to do in the garden he was given. Here’s some carving & shaping on the truss rod cover for Sadhana #64, leaving the nest Monday. Just a wee peek into the workshop. There’ll be more. 

Had a great visit with my friends up at Thin The Herd Guitars earlier in the week, a hop skip & a jump up ol’ Interstate 35, my former home itself twenty some-odd years ago. These are guys doing some exciting things in a whole other area of the guitar world and it looks like I’ll be doing some design work for them. Normally this sort of thing is quietly done, but this is a bit different. More info as it happens… meanwhile you might see me in some clips at their shop playing some of their guitars. They have some real winners, and they’re doing what they do right. My world became high end hand craft but I love guitars & basses, I love original takes on tradition, I love small independent companies setting out to do something great against the odds, and I love value. Value is VERY different than price alone; however many zeros are on it or not, an instrument should possess qualities (and quality) and integrity behind it that carry far beyond being merely “worth it” – a great value gives more to the owner than they bargained for. Birdsong does that in our price range, and TTH is absolutely swinging for the lights in theirs. I dig it.

More fun with these cats to come. And more fun in general! Maybe with YOU too? Give a call and maybe we can dream something up! 'Til next time, play nice & make moments.

Listening to: Meat Loaf Bat Out of Hell; Ted Nugent Free For All; a Journey show from ’81 in Japan; and I’ve been on a bit of a Paul Desmond jag lately.