Anniverse Approacheth!

ANY QUESTIONS? Life, luthiery, Birdsong history, anything else you’d like answered in videos? Send them to me: or PM them to me on Facebook. Just be sure you let me know they’re for video discussion or I’ll just answer them right away like I usually do, and though it makes me happy to know you had a question and I was able to help you with it, that WOULD defeat the purpose of asking for questions to be answered in a video for the upcoming 13th Anniversary weekend July 1st!

Yes, we are closing in on the 13th Anniversary weekend, starting Saturday March 1st this year (since the 4th is on a Tuesday). It’s almost time to announce some fun stuff… and the anniversary announcements video this year should be a real hoot!

One thing that happens on July 4th (again, the 1st this year) is announcing the new model into the Birdsong line. For 2017 it’s the completion of a circle, something I’ve wanted to work up since the beginning, something I’ve tried to work up for others, something I finally said “Well F this, I’ll just do it - it's time!” and it worked AMAZINGLY well. I knew it would work, it’s so obvious, it’s such a natural thing… but it’s magical. You’ll see it shortly; I’ve been jamming on it for the past two weeks already. Now, for a new model to have some breathing room, it’s time to prune the garden. 

There is only so much menu a small workshop can service. There will always be Cortobasses and Fusions, etc., the mainstays. But other side menu items that needed to happen and did, or sprung up on their own and had their day, these come and go. It keeps it fresh and keeps it fun. Very few are ever gone for good; if you called tomorrow and said “I need a Skyrider with Odyssey horns and Corto3 pickups built like a fretless Mesquito” I’d probably dust off the old templates, open up the build notes and do it up. But the reality is there may be a handful who even know what that would be, and it’s certainly not going to be the new model I’ll be showing in 2 weeks. 

Point being if all of that was still on the menu it would be ponderous. I like having (to use the food analogy again) 6 or 7 main offerings and a few side surprises. If one you love and lust after pops off the radar, just make note of it and I’ll build it for you when the time is right for you to place an order. There was nothing wrong with it (it wouldn’t have been offered in the first place if that were the case), we don’t hate it, it’s just not getting enough play to stay actively on the menu with new models happening. 

Speaking of which, I have a metric crap ton of work to do so I need to stop wearing my right index finger (my typing finger, which I swear is a good 25 to 30% more muscular looking than my left, which only hits the shift key, after typing endless amounts of updates over the past thirteen years) down to a nub and put it to work putting together these anniversary basses!

Well there's a clue! Walnut bodies, maple necks, black hardware, and a variety of models - even Shortbasses! Let's see what the 13th Anniversary basses look like NEXT week, shall we? What?... the new model? Mmmm... no. No clues. Maybe next week! Stay tuned.

Ta ta for now!

Listening to: Boyd Rivers You Can't Make Me Doubt; Jack Owens; Bruce Springsteen autobiography audiobook, read by Bruce himself.