We Watch Where It Goes!

Each of us is a re-distribution station for whatever comes our way – inspiration, funds, energies positive and otherwise, our stuff. We work toward its coming and watch it come and think we keep some but we don’t. Even while in our lives these change or are exchanged into different things. They come, they go – sometimes in amounts or sizes different how they arrived. Ideally we get to decide what much of it re-forms into and where most of this flows to from our station on its journey. 

Success (whatever that means to anyone) often times means another zero is added to what arrives, though it’s often there on what goes out too! I remember our first parts orders in 2004 seemed big – who orders two hundred dollars worth of pots and screws and pickup surrounds? Ha! In 2017 I don’t even make a call yet if that’s all. That’s barely even a list. I decide what those parts become on their way through our hands and outward to you, and I also decide which company gets that amount of funds from us – a resource that came here to our hands from yours. 

Much like in person to person dealings I mostly decide by performance, loyalty, and how I am treated – with a bit of consideration for stability. If every dollar is a vote, and it is, I vote for those. It’s rarely price; I’ll pay whatever it costs for consistent good work, same as I’ll pay whatever is required for a part I know is going to be top grade, packed well and shipped to the right address. Flip side of that coin? I don’t care what kind of deal I’m offered, I don’t cast seed entrusted to me by life and the river and you deliberately onto some big parking lot just because it’s convenient. Our daily dollar votes deserve more respect than to just dish them out to people who drop our balls or don’t return the calls. I wish everybody well but those companies won’t get my votes and there are people who will never again get the good ol’ Scott crinkly handshake; they’ve told me in other words “I don’t need it.” "OK."

The resources you flow our way by choice for your custom bass or guitar help very cool people feed their families through their service – even at the companies we deal with I‘ve known people by name for years, sometimes decades - and a portion also goes where good things need to happen and no exchange is necessary. This is “Freddie Provologne”, the mystery man who burns the logos in the headstocks. There have only been two to put the feather on the headstock of a Birdsong, and the first ten years it was me.

The Birdsong timeline math gets confusing; Birdsong was one guy in the corner of someone else’s workshop from 2000 to 2004 when we then officially launched with the website, so this year is the “Official” 13th Anniversary; we’ll get into that next week. Point is, this guy’s a good man, a family man, and we’ve been working off of a handshake for seven years now. That’s not his real name, or his nickname (everybody gets a nickname); he’s got all the work he wants and he basically just kind of fits me in. He’s rock solid and I enjoy paying him because I know the man and know what it contributes to and if I get to choose – and I do - I vote for this guy. It feels good to have choice and choose; to know where it goes.
And I think that’s the core of it all – it comes and it goes in this world. From the penny to the life to all of our stuff. We don’t really “have” any of it, just hold it for a time. Doing what needs doing with some thought and some heart as to what goes in to what goes out, and where it goes, what gardens we help seed as we walk on our own way… feeling good about that goes a long way to being at peace with everything. Thank YOU for voting for us with your time, and if we have had the pleasure of putting an instrument into your hands, for the exchange; know we respect every bit and are conscientious with where it flows from here!   

We’re entering into a special month for us and our little guitar company-that-could; if you’re not hooked in with us on Facebook, please do – and stay tuned here because next Friday I’m going to start talking about the 13th Anniversary blowout! I’m not saying I’ll spill the beans, but I’ll definitely tilt the pot a little. 

Have a great weekend!

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