The 13th Anniversary Brouhaha!!!


Here are what's left of basses ready to string, set up & ship - we'll DEAL on these to make some room in assembly! The walnut Corto4 is the LAST 13th Anniversary Special bass.

Here are instruments in process - ALL SALE PRICED through the 4th, can have any of these finished up for you in a matter of weeks.

Here are bodies waiting to be built into basses - 20% OFF all Birdsong special orders through the 4th! Shortbasses $50 off & free shipping.

And there are NINE pieces of woodcraft left. INFO & PICS on ALL of these is on the INVENTORY page, or call 512-395-5126!

(Here's the original post from Saturday...)

Well here we are folks! First off have a happy & safe 4th of July weekend. Welcome to the official 13th anniversary celebration here at Birdsong Guitars! I can’t BELIEVE it’s been 13 years since we pushed the button and launched this site on July 4th 2004, how many instruments we’ve had the honor of crafting, and how many really great people we’ve had the privilege of serving and satisfying with a heaping helping of wonderful basses that just happen to be short scale. Guitars and lap steels too… at any time, right now somewhere in the world, odds are there is someone playing a Birdsong and filling the air with music. That just blows my mind. 

First some quick news since I have you all gathered, I will NOT be taking August off this year – there is steady work that needs me here in the workshop more than I need the time off this year. I did it last year, I’ll DEFINITELY do it next year, but this year I’m working straight through until early December. I have a few “Artist” builds on the docket I’ve been gathering woods for – those are the wild, all-out, super fancy, highest-end stuff we do and they’ll start coming together this month. Watch on the “Builds” page in the Artists section.

The anniversary time also marks the halfway point in the work year more or less, and it’s the weekend I come up for air and get to talk to so many of you swingin’ on in to the site to see what we’ve got going on. Well… a BUNCH! So thanks for being with us and let’s get to it, shall we? BEST WAYS to contact me this weekend at any time day or night: CALL 512-395-5126, but don’t text – I don’t text. It’s a flip phone, calls only! OR email me at, OR PM me through Facebook. In all cases I’ll try to be available or get back with you ASAP. If you see something you want, CALLING is the quickest way to be sure you get it. I might get calls in a row before I can check the email again. OK! Heeeeere we go!
– hilarious half hour with ALL the info on new models, anniversary builds, etc., all announced while I eat increasingly hot sauces for each one. Classic.
Q&A VIDEO of 13 of YOUR questions!

(Here are some things I mentioned I’d post in those videos and stuff that ties in – the first guitar I built in 1997, a picture with the Whatever Shop sign over my head, the world map from the original workshop now, Scott long ago when the way was not so clear, Maggie answers whether she’s picky about pizza, and the old BC Rich that made me see guitars as wood shaped by hands in 1986.)

OK! The NEW MODEL, the PB-One, a classic reborn with Birdsong balance, sustain & attention to detail – all the vibe, none of the quirks, twice the tone! ((BIG INTRODUCTORY SALE ON PB ORDERS TODAY))
Info on the BIRDSONG page.
Demo video HERE.

SALE PRICING ON EVERYTHING, including stuff in INVENTORY we just posted, check the inventory page! I’ll try to keep it updated during the weekend. A CALL is a quick way, day or night, to find out if what you want is still available! 512-395-5126.

((20% OFF special orders on Birdsong builds!!!))

ANNIVERSARY BUILDS! We crafted 7 from selected pieces of walnut, some wild with natural character. Maple boards, black hardware, vintage tortoise control plates & rosewood knobs! Scott & Jamie will sign the back of the headstocks. If you’re out of the USA, I can ship these to you but I’ll swap the rosewood knobs for ebony. There is a Fusion, a Cortobass, a Cbass, a Corto4 and 3 Shortbasses (Shortbi??) all at special pricing. Tell me rounds or flats and I’ll have them off to you in a week. Individual pics & pricing on the INVENTORY page.

AND… very exciting, Birdsong has designed a bass for Thin The Herd Guitars up in Round Rock, TX. Their Custom Build line of guitars is “Tradition with a twist” and now they have a bass to go with it that fits right in. It ALSO happens to be great playing, fantastic looking and AMAZING tonally too – there isn’t a Mustang that can TOUCH this. They take care of the manufacturing in small batches and then set them up in the USA right at their shop. Super happy with the prototypes and these guys will treat you right. These are just $795 WITH hardshell case!
Demo video HERE.
*** I think there are still a couple of prototypes available, I signed the backs of the headstocks when they came in and I had them for testing & approval - if you're into that, ask the guys at Thin The Herd ***

So much more, all in that first video. I’ll close out this summary with these – in honor of and in the continuation of the work of my woodworking mentor John C. “Uncle Johnny” Kirtland, I have 13 pieces of woodcraft made from scraps & cutoffs of the instrument making process. These are miniature oil lamps, and the hand rubbed finish will darken everything a shade or two. Details / prices on the inventory page. ((9 pcs left!))

THANK YOU SO MUCH! This weekend sale brought to you by… YOU! Without you, there is no US doing THIS. So THERE! Have a great weekend everyone, and I look forward to talking / typing with you. 

Rock on,

Scott Beckwith
Captain of The Ship

Listening to: Rolling Stones Majesty’s Request; Maron’s WTF Podcast with Derek Trucks; Bob Seger The Distance; Grateful Dead Great American Music Hall August 13, 1975; Bob Dylan Blood On The Tracks; Doug Raney Back In New York; Kenny Burrell.