Coming up on the Birdsong Anniversary

Well well, we are here in an amazing time that happens every year. I am very very grateful for the luck I’ve had with this whole guitar and bass building thing; some may say it’s all luck, but no – I’ve never worked harder or risked more than I have the past 13 years. Some would say there’s no such thing as luck – well, no to that too - one could easily work this hard, make all the right moves, never stumble and get hit by a bus anyways. Or get taken out by a flood. Or have their hands stop working. So I’m very lucky but very grateful – July 4th marks 13 “Official” years of Birdsong as a real little company with its own workshop, website, and cosmic marching orders to fill the world with its own comfy little basses that sound big and honor the wood… and somehow life would fall into place behind that. 

This is the time of year we introduce a new model, offer some special “Anniversary” builds, and do a big sale. Never wanting to be the “Ha ha, you should’ve waited ‘til today for the sale price, thphphphp!!!” guy, as we approach the OFFICIAL weekend celebration, if you know what you want already the sale is officially on so you don’t have to wait. Oh you’ll have to wait for the announcements and new stuff, but if your heart is set on an all blonde Sadhana with gold hardware or a standard Cortobass or what have you, or something's gone up on the inventory page that's "The one", just call now. 13% OFF and FREE SHIPPING in the continental US through July 4th.

The scheduling is weird this year with the 4th being on a Tuesday, so the actual big announcements are happening at midnight coming into Saturday the 1st on the news page, with the big stuff happening Sat & Sun the 1st & 2nd. I’ll run the sale through Tuesday the 4th and who knows – there might be a last minute surprise on the actual 4th too. 

MEANWHILE, there is a lot to tell you and it’s time to spill a few beans! Not tipping the whole pot, mind you, just a few beans as we go. The Anniversary builds this year are a particular “visual” applied to a selection of models. A couple of years ago I made a bass with a look that I found particularly striking and filed it away in my head for future use. Now is that future – seven basses are in process including some Shortbasses (“Shortbi?”) – you might see your favorite model. Here are six of them just before sanding. So the first clue, the bodies are walnut! Another bean for you... right now there are a buh-huuunch of beautiful all-maple necks hanging in finishing...

I’m hoping to have all seven READY TO GO for that weekend, headstock backs signed by Scott and Jamie. And hey – the info is out now, they’re fair game as of NOW at sale pricing – call for model details & pricing – you don’t have to wait for the Anniversary weekend to claim one! You DO have to wait for it to see them all together, to hear about the new model and see that, hear about the rest of the news and see any surprises that may come up, see the videos, and be a part of any lunacy over on the Facebook page where I’ll be going back and forth with you all ALL weekend! WhatWHAAAAAT??? You’re not friends or following Birdsong Guitars on Facebook? Got to take care of that, we post fun stuff! It’s worth it just for the “Throwback Thursday” posts alone. 

So we’re in high gear here in the little workshop in the woods, and every day is exciting, and every day we’re grateful… but never so exciting or more grateful as the weeks heading up to an Anniversary weekend! Thank you for the opportunity to work with the wood and to serve through music, my friends. Stay tuned, FUN STUFF COMING UP!

Listening to: Aerosmith Rocks; Mississippi Fred McDowell I Do Not Play No Rock And Roll; Marc Maron WTF podcast with Benmont Tench of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers; Dave Brubeck Trio – Berlin 11-4-72; Jerry Cantrell Boggy Depot.