Play Through...

How does one set up an instrument too big for the bench? On the assembly room couch, of course!

Yes, the doubleneck is now done. Here are some final pictures; it’s heading out Monday to a dealer. Yes this, and a steady trickle of other unique Birdsongs, can and/or will be found at HD Custom Guitar Supply online, currently the only other place for new Birdsong basses than right here from our own inventory page. Of course with some patience for the process you can dream one up with Scott and have the full experience; this is how most Birdsongs come to be. A call, a connection, some needs or wishes of yours and some answers of ours. Then we have the the honor of making the instrument come to life, and handing it over to you for your part - fun times and good vibrations. 

As announced in the 13th Anniversary video earlier this month, we’re NOT going to take the August break this year like we did last year. There are a group of wild builds in progress and beginning their journeys from wood & parts to playable art and I’d rather stay on them. The sweat? The sweat will do me nothing but good. Listen, balance is important – but there are times in a very lucky life when you feel like the kid in the yard on some imaginary adventure again, only there’s nobody to call you in. It’s not a school night; there IS no school. That adventure? It’s pretty much real and that’s who you are. I am surrounded by music; I’m in deep with the tools of its creation, themselves coming to be. I live it and I breathe it. I don’t have to come in and wash up, and I’m NOT coming in to wash up! So there. I’m going to stay out here and play through supper, I’m going to get this all over me and get me all over it. The world is full of folks who didn’t make it… or less full. Or, heck I don’t know but I DO know I DID. I woke up with a list of things I want to do and the sun is shining and I can put on some tunes and make it happen. Everyone has their bad days and not everyone makes it off that ship; another rocker was just among them and I’m sad for his circle. I’m sad his dream went sour. 

Chester’s no different than you or me – he just took a different ride, that’s all. He went on HIS adventure. We can judge from the sidelines all we want but not everybody continues to feel the magic and the sunshine and the meaning. And without those you’re lost and no amount of caring hands or crisis numbers are going to put it back the way the rest of the pieces stay together. If you’re in this world you know damn well it loves to steal your magic, time will shadow your shine, and there’s never any shortage of other damaged beings to tell you that you mean nothing. It can be that kind of place to whatever degree you sink in. But every day there are gardens in bloom, beauty coming to be, magical adventures, inspiring beings to associate with, and things to do you KNOW fill a void and are of service to the best in others’ lives, and life – at least certain significant chunks of it until the wheels come off – can be THAT. I suggest you find that; I know what works for me, but that’s all I know. You’ve got to seed that garden for yourself, every day. Feed it the good. Weed out the bad. Sometimes it’s easier to just stand there and sink; sometimes you get convinced it’s even more comfortable that way because (sigh) at least you know what to expect. 

Oh HELL no. You go where the sun shines for you and sing a song that means something. Clean up the mess from there! The others can follow if they want; or not. We’re here now and we’re alive and there’s SO much productive good stuff to do and you ARE needed. You have a place to be and light to bring. Find them. The sun’s out. Shut off the device, step back from the screen, go outside, get dirty and go have an adventure. That’s not a car, it’s a spaceship. It CAN take you to another world. Trust me. I’m light years from where I’ve been and judging by the sky here there’s plenty of sunshine to go around. I don’t want to miss a day… not now. Not now.  

Listening to: The Don Felder autobiography audiobook. Despite being read by a man who sounds halfway through a Rohypnol sandwich, we’re getting to the good stuff. Don couldn’t have read this? This sounds like one of those goofy guided meditations minus the Australian accent only they’re talking about the Eagles. That and some good acoustic Delta blues from Jack Owens and RL Burnside.