Birdsong Guitars wishes to thank everyone who read, shared, commented, liked, followed, watched, friended, and participated in our 13th Anniversary event this past long weekend, and we hope you had a fun 4th of July. It was really something! Some more instruments will be flying the nest to their waiting hands & homes over the next couple of weeks; they thank you all too! For all new, welcome to the family - for old friends, as always thanks for flying Birdsong. There's no way to express our love & gratitude, so we'll just build it into year 13's instruments and let the ripples do their good work. Thanks for being with us and all the best to all of you from the little green workshop in the Texas Hill Country. 

To recap the big news for anyone who missed it (with links to the videos), I have recovered from the Official 13 Announcements video and my appearance no longer suffers from Resting “Ahh Geez That Sauce Was Hotter Than You Thought” Face. I answered 13 questions here. The new PBOne bass definitely seeded its own garden (and the introductory price of $1995 is being held over for a bit). The bass I designed for my friends over at Thin The Herd Guitars has done the same – it’s different than what we do here at Birdsong, but it’s got the Birdsong touch so it’s a great playing, responsive, HUGE sounding short scale bass and if you want that in something more traditional looking but with a twist, gig ready and for short cash, go check them out!  AND there are still some great basses here in inventory & some already cut body blanks we can build your next little gem from.

Dawn is reverse-fading into another day of blue skies, birdsong, Birdsongs, and a fun list of nexts to do in the workshop and in assembly on them. I’ll be in here all weekend and I couldn’t be happier right now. So if you want a known cure for Resting “Good Lordy That’s a Beautiful Bass And I Deserve a TREAT For Surviving Fourth Of July With All Them Rug Rats” Face, gimme a call and order yourself up a heapin’ helping of high end low note short 'n comfy bass goodness, served up fresh out of the plank with a side of Texas backwoods workshop mojo and a BIG tall frosty mug of gratitude! 512-395-5126

Listening to: Aerosmith Get Your Wings, Toys In The Attic; Don Felder Heaven & Hell - My Life In The Eagles audiobook; McCoy Tyner Solo.