Music is Medicine

There are albums that put a soul back in alignment with life.

Yeah, Viva Terlingua would get the nod to start, and I might just keep playing it through 'til dawn. It's just something that's been special to me since I bought it out of the dollar bin of beat up albums at Sundance Records in San Marcos when I was about 19 years old, full of dreams and fresh into Texas. It's sure got a feel to it. Like a loyal old truck and the right worn out shoes. 

The road ahead is never clearer than with its right soundtrack. It's one of those albums like Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Chronicle" best-of that, by the time you're done listening to it, no matter how you walked into the room, it sends you back out into life's ring with a bit of the fire back in you. Looking back, my life can be clearly marked in chapters; each mark a moment in some parking lot in a van, listening to Chronicle, with what has been behind me and what’s next somewhere down the road to find. 

When I feel myself drift a little too far off the spiritual coast into this churning ocean of tasks and time, always a challenge when you do what you love for a living and thus put up no fight against being completely absorbed by it, in goes John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme. Crank it up and it’s a soul stirring cleanse-by-force of one’s spirit when music is the medicine. Need a dose of the beauty of life injected into your head & heart ear-first? Miles Davis, Kind of Blue. You listen to that all the way through intently with no distractions and it just REVIVES whatever it touches, whatever is allowed the moment to vibrate with it. 

Music has always been the medicine for me; it’s why now, so many miles down the highway, I’m so reverent about the creation of its tools. Music came into the life of a kid headed nowhere, lost and being overtaken by the waves of life’s challenges. It immediately became my buoyancy long before it showed me I had wings. 

From an unpublished book for those feeling called to a life in the arts:
“Ah, this is who I will be. This I will follow. Part attraction, sure – but mostly epiphany. Somewhere deep inside of me, some dormant force inside the seed found its sun and locked on to its true north.” 

Then Play On,

Listening to: Bob Seger The Distance; Jerry Jeff Walker Viva Terlingua; Leon Parker Awakening; and a shitload of Lightnin’ Hopkins. You think I’m kidding?