This Week's Update!

Jamie got back home a few days ago, thank you folks who gave to her fund for the people she was able to do something for, and thank all who gave to the other funds for the flood victims of Harvey in southeast Texas. Out thoughts are with all Harvey – and Irma – impacted everywhere.

On the one hand the scope of such events and the depth of impact changing so many lives is completely overwhelming to see close up; but given some time and perspective, you know another came and grabbed the skillet, you saw the next waters were handed out, another container of clothes was opened by cleaner hands just arrived to take over… and you realize it truly is coming together that makes the difference. You cannot fix it but you do what you can as a part of what’s needed. That you are one tiny temporary potential partial answer connected to others, in a chain, twisted like strands, woven like a blanket, and it adds up. It means more than many much larger accomplishments to hand someone who has just lost everything some food, a little encouragement, and your presence. They are not alone… and you are not alone. 

I salute my wife, other civilian volunteers, first responders, and all those who act with selfless valor in the face of tragedy the world over… the everyday saviors. While some just bicker and blame and others exploit the darker scenes in life and take advantage in such moments, there are still more who give of themselves in some way, who try to be part of a solution when and where it is needed most. They give the hope to those on the sidelines with hearts as well, that however our winds blow there’s always the chance it’s going to be OK too. 


Found this cool shot in the archives of what was hanging in final assembly at this time in September 2012. Can’t wrap my head around that being five years ago! Like I said on the Birdsong Guitars Facebook page (where you get a Throwback Thursday post every week), “Looks like another one of those years I said yes to a lot of unusual stuff! Hope it was as fun as 2017 has been. I know I was there, that's over my bench!”

Here’s a “Yes” for this year, just about to get sanded & go into finishing. The neck? Matching. Stay tuned over on the builds page where you can see what’s in process and maybe start dreaming up one I can make for YOU! 

Also on the Facebook page (go like and follow us already, will you?) there’s Woodcraft Wednesday, where I offer up some little piece of rustic woodcraft made from a cutoff or scrap wood from the workshop. Like this – a Texas mesquite miniature oil lamp with a natural edge. They’re usually around $35 including shipping and they usually sell. This little one’s still available.

Thanks & have a great weekend!

Listening to: Grateful Dead American Beauty; Frank Zappa Road Tapes; some Mississippi Fred McDowell; Aerosmith Rocks.