Welcome (to) 2018

Start where you are, it’s what you do – you call this here and now the beginning and begin. Yesterday’s gone, you have now, and you help form tomorrow out of what you do today. 

The new year seems to come every year around this time you know, as a sunrise comes around every new day. Our position – and thus perspective – and the weather of the day may be different but it’s there and it happens and it arrives every time. Find faith in that.

The first step into a new circle… will I turn it into a cycle by running it the same? Good or bad, I decide. First day on a clean calendar… what will I fill this with to the best of my abilities and boundaries of my circumstance? And how can I make one carry more weight to swing at the other? I decide that. 

In the workshop it is a series of cuts and tasks and fitting things together, layers of doing with a big goal in mind and attainable steps leading there we take by the day. If I bring my best to these things I do, and they all lead to somewhere I want to be that I am not now – perhaps making me along with it the version of myself I want to be and am not now – guess what happens? We become as we attain these levels, of completeness, of evolution, of growth, of steps along the journey between now and what will be. Just like a bass guitar being worked out of the wood.

But all of that only begins at the beginning. Where you are is not as important as where you’re AT about that line. I commit to the first cut because it’s the first step. There’s a lot of work and a lot required of me following that first cut. But if the end result is what I want to happen, I have to make it happen. With help, with guidance, but it’s my hand on this tool and it’s my hand that guides this journey until enough is let go of to see the guitar that’s inside of the plank I’m starting with. 

And it’s either going to happen or it’s not; the thing is, if it’s my task and my way forward and my service where I feel it’s important, I know that task will receive its little check mark through it because I want to move on. I want to be closer to the result than I was before I spent my time and energy on whatever I did. So what I do should be on the way forward to it, at it, in line with it, and not on the side or going backwards. Those happen now and then but from outside; not in here. Life happens, definitely. But I’m happening too. And so are you. 

Now is the time to make the list, now is the time to line yourself up with where you want to be when you see the next New Years post on this site – you’ve got around 50 weeks give or take, what’s going to happen? Now is the time to lay it out on the material, make the cut, and get on with making it happen. 

Anyone who’s anybody and done anything worth doing had to draw a line and say, “This is day one – I take it from here.” Feel good about yourself. Accept 2017. Time is a gift. Opportunity is a blessing. Life comes in kit form. Find the glue; it’s time to do!

Welcome to 2018, its dreams, its goals, its lists, its challenges that will strengthen us, its lessons that will hone us, its losses that will teach us. And the ground we will cover in and in spite of all of this. Thank you for being with us, we are with you. Me? My job is to, at its core, help fill the world with music in hopes it serves it to its highest good. And along that way be creative and sharing in musical paths and moments and bring my best to the cuts and work and fittings at hand in this year – I’d say “Coming year” but it’s already here. And so are you. It’s time to start cookin’ the food we’d like to be feeding others and aim to be eating ourselves. 

Whatever your time of day, good morning brothers and sisters.

Listening to: Dean Martin Sings Italian Inspired Songs; lots of chord-melody guitar jazz; a little reggae.