Random Thoughts

My inbox is an interesting place. Most public addresses are… but in amongst the whole lot of emails from places I’ve bought parts from here and there sending their latest sales pitches (sometimes 5 or 6 times in a line, thanks BBG – I know you’re there OK?) are the steady stream from folks who somehow think I’m “Birdsong Builders”… as in houses… the best of which came through this week. Reminder: Your 0% offer is waiting. Take advantage of our latest…” Thank you, thanks very much. I really appreciate that.

Well, there aren’t any new pics up on the builds page this week but it’s sure not because we’ve been slacking or anything. The old digital camera gave up the ghost. I know, “Camera? What’s that?” Well it’s what I, Scott, luddite, take pictures with. Because my phone is a phone. A new one is on the way to me but for a few days here I’ll have plenty to show but no pics to share. We’re getting that taken care of as quick as we can.

It’s mid-October and this is where I realistically look and refocus on what can possibly be done by the end of the year. We’re blessed to be busy, but things flow through here from orders in to instruments out how they need to in order to get the most done the most efficiently for how it happens in here. All of you are – of course – equally important to me to serve and work for, but at the end of the year there are always a few who get surprised with basses a little earlier than expected, and those who get apologetic call from me that it’s going to be on the other side of the Holidays instead, as no matter how hard or efficient we run we do run out of road. December ALWAYS comes quicker than expected. All I can promise, other than always to do my best and offer the highest of those who help, is that whatever is being worked on for you will be worth the wait, and the cost, completely. That’s the reputation – 15 years worth almost – and it’s like that for a reason. You will get it, you will be happy, and you will plug it in and put it on and be inspired. And the wait and the numbers will be forgotten. That is my main priority… time, time has to flex a little. It’s just the nature of it, and the nature of attempting to do things like we do them and apply that to a time grid six or seven months in advance. Time flexes - it does out there and it certainly does in here. Thanks for your patience with the process!

The calls and questions are coming in about the weather, there is some flooding in this part of Texas but we’re not near any of it here in the hills. Someone did put a life vest on the Stevie Ray Vaughan statue up in Austin, though! We’ve had plenty of rain for sure, but it’s hard around these parts to be serious when we wish it away because there are months it doesn’t come at all. Wimberley flooded a few years back but even then – we’re on high ground. I grew up around the Atlantic and weathered plenty of what that can be like. When it came time to look for land far faaaar away, I didn’t want anything to do with unpredictable water. Don’t get me wrong, I love the water – some of the best memories of my life involve parking down at the beach and watching the sunset. But to have it as a neighbor? Hell no, it’s even crazier than that Jason guy who used to headbang out front of his trailer to Dead Horse. So when I went looking for land, Mr. man with the maps would say “And this is a property with a creek coming through it” and I was like “Thanks, I’ll pass. You have something up on a hill?” He’d say “Here’s one closer to town, by the river…” “Mmmm, show me a few out where the roads aren’t even paved yet OK?” So no worries here other than concern for those in the areas affected. You know, it’s a strange balance – once you’ve been without water, you never have enough. But once you’ve seen a flood up close, hard rain does put a little dread in you. So it’s been a bit of “Thank the Lord” and “Ho-leee SHIT” at the same time. But isn’t that life most of the time? We do thank you for your checking up on us though, friends!

And as always thanks for checking in! Have a great weekend. Pour some music on what’s happening, good or bad – it’ll make it better.

Listening to: Steely Dan Pretzel Logic and The Royal Scam; Kyuss Welcome To Sky Valley.