Tend The Garden, Not The Pricks

On the Facebook page I post some sort of inspirational sentence on Monday mornings – I find if I can kick Monday’s butt the rest of the week knows I’m serious and falls in line. But what I’ve found more than anything is the world always needs another ray of sunshine telling you the truth – that you’re valid, you’re stronger than you think you are, and you’ve got this. Some folks take umbrage at any attempt to spread anything like that, but generally those insufferable bastards are the same ones who want to tell you it’s all hopeless and there’s nothing to believe in and you’re just doomed to struggle until something cruel takes you out. You know what? F those people.

Yeah yeah yeah it’s a walk and sometimes we’re wobbly. The feet are going to hurt and sometimes the incline gets a little steep. Sometimes you’ll need a shoulder, sometimes you’ll need a rest. There are things that come and you have to figure out how to get around. The night always comes and the winter does too… BUT ALWAYS followed by the sunrise – every day – and the spring – every single time. So it’s your choice which to focus on and what to obsess over. I know which side I’m on. The world has its share of horrors and time brings its measure of surprises. On a grand scale we live in a time of unintended consequences with no simple answers. We’re way down that road. But we’re here – we made it this far and we either have the will to live and the drive to keep going or we’re food. From there you have a garden that grows what you plant and you are spent in the process… it can be a glorious exchange despite the occasional pricks. If you’re reading this you wake up every day with blessings or luck and opportunity many will never know, in spite of your troubles. Lead with those. Plant your dreams and help them grow. Feed them with gratitude. Share your good seed with others. Never give up hope or be unwilling to make the changes you need to be happy and fulfilled, or at least walking yourself towards happiness and fulfillment, and don’t ever let anyone piss away your rainbow or steal your dream. Fixing those people is above your stripes – you fix you, daily, and let them talk while you go build your life.

Here’s a poem for you. I wrote it in response to the folks who’ll line up to tear down anyone who tries to better themselves, to be positive, to chase a dream, to rise above something… you know, you’ve felt it. We all have. Anyone who has ever accomplished anything has gone through it in their own way. “Why are you doing that?” “Why even try?” “Why do you think you can be better than…?” Don’t you know about the statistics? Don’t you know about the failures? Don’t you know about society? Sorry, don’t have time to roll around in all of that… there’s too much to do and I’m busy doing. That’s been by response for the past 25 years. If I put my foot here and then the other there, I’m that much closer to my goal. If there are a hundred steps between me and my goal, all I have to take is the next one. If I die on the way, hey – I went facing my dream. These are what I fill my head with. Next steps and reasons why – not why NOT. That’s the choice we do have, regardless of what the day has brought. Whatever path of life you’re on from the office in the city to the shack in the woods, from the big family to the lone monk, be there and put your heart in and never listen to those who minimize your worth or preach of decisions that have no risk. Life is risk. Living is a quest. And to quote John Wayne, “Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.”

One For The Whys

I don't live by that kind of logic
That leaves a man's head full
But his soul empty
Having never seen over the mountain

I do not wonder "What if" from here
I have tasted the wind
I have felt the rain
Not just gotten wet

This I know...
The turning point is far, far
Far beyond the point of no return

If sense holds you back
That is fine
If you don't understand the quest
That is OK
Go back and be sensible
In your safe decisions
Where your future awaits

But don't for a minute pretend
That going around the mountain
Will give you the view
Or turning back from it
Will leave you wiser
Merely because you avoided failure
By avoiding the bigger odds
Of the bigger dreams of stirred passions
Where another's destiny calls


I could write a hundred pages of this stuff. Maybe I will. Meanwhile have a great weekend and don’t be afraid. Whatever you’re facing, face front and take that next step. 

Listening to: Audio of one of my favorite documentaries, 1959 – The Year That Changed Jazz; Sex Pistols The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle; and delta blues like Jack Owens, Son House, Mississippi Fred McDowell and Boyd Rivers.