Old Dawgs

No, this isn’t about Maggie. BUT by request, here are some pics of the fuzzy girl... "Uhhh... hello all of you people!"

The Resurrection of the Blues Dawg
The Blues Dawg was my first quasi-original design. A modded Tele shape with a “1960s cheapo” style pickguard and a single soapbar P90 right in the middle. This was the moment I went from assembler to builder; from just putting parts together to actually making some of those parts. Folks want to know before they do, but there is no substitute for what you learn by actually doing it, going through the steps that first time. This is the first real “Scott” guitar from 1997… it’s rough and it’s sloppy. I actually sold it to build the second, but it was traded back in on a build a couple of years later and has hung pretty much since as a shop mojo talisman and reminder of how far this all has come.

Hwell me friends, some blues will be played this year and in selecting which guitar would be the one for the tunes in a peculiar open tuning I use, I thought it would be time after these many years to get the old slab running and put it to use. 

Yeah yeah, I know, I’m the bass guy. To satisfy you on that, here’s the “Blues bass” – the only bass I’d play on what I’ve got cooking up. This came into my life in 2001. It belonged to a young lumberjack-looking street guy who drifted through town for a bit. It spent years with him busking on the streets and riding in his truck bed with no case. ‘Til it broke. Then he traded it to our friend ol’ “Uncle Johnny” who was going to restore it ‘til I traded HIM out of it. Soul? You want soul, brother? You don’t believe in what can be held like cosmic capacitors in the fibers of a musical instrument? Come touch this bass one time and if the hair on your arms doesn’t tingle I don’t know what to tell you. You just aren’t picking up that frequency, son. This bass has seen things that’ll curl your hair. 

Another Blues Dawg I’d love to find is this one – I think this was the 4th or 5th guitar I ever made – 2 was a two pickup guitar, 3 was the original Bean, and the next two were this and my first short scale bass but I can’t remember the order. This was ’98, 20 years ago. This Dawg was light years ahead of #1 and I gave it to Alvin Lee of Ten Years After at one of their ’98 reunion gigs. He was a big influence and once I started into this life of woodchips and windings I tried to offer something back to those whose work helped ingrain the music into me. I know it was seen with him at meet ‘n greets but that’s all I ever heard and now he’s gone, but the guitar has to be somewhere! Where are you?

I am here. Onward.

Listening to: Rev. Gary Davis (blues), a documentary on the Marianas Trench in the ocean floor, episodes of Jonesy’s Jukebox, Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert from 1973, and some great live Grateful Dead.