Honing The Edge

Beginning is a process of gathering; becoming is a process of letting go. 

To begin one gathers. Strength, knowledge, tools, and belief in the steps one faces if a person; nutrients and light and water if a seed. Then we are driven to get on with it.

We grow and gather – filling our lives with pursuits and others and cool stuff, bigger and better tools, optional directions, more and more associations. A tree gathers mass and height and girth. More energy. Many more branches of many more leaves to help it do what it does. Bigger roots spread to feed a bigger system in both cases; one literally, one metaphorically.

There come times of change – sometimes of situation, sometimes of form, sometimes of path. Times when we are to evolve or transform. Much of the time loss is a part of this process, whether voluntary or the winds that find us. What is lost transforms and what is left is transformed by the loss. The tree is harvested. People come and go. We let go of ways that don’t serve new goals or new priorities. Distractions and drains are eliminated. Planks are cut. We age into chapters of revision and renouncement; but what remains grows deeper and the blade is only made sharper by what is shaved away. The lens is ground to see better by careful removal of material. Heal while you’re walking - the instrument is already in the plank, just waiting for the rest to be cut away; this small portion of the tree will now sing to the world in ways the larger form could never know.

You’ve got to embrace the changes on the way to the goal; beware those “voices of reason” flailing in their own splashings as if they were waves of IToldYouSo doom, telling you your happiness is a fluke because the world is gray; celebrate your losses if they focus your life. Never regret going for something and failing – become better, sharper, smarter, more experienced from taking the chance and trying. Learn from the river and your body and flush out the toxins – focus your energy on what you can do and do those steps, not listening to the shamers and blamers with their 50 shades of whatabouts and whytrys. It’s always too late to them. Go and tell it to the butterfly. 

From this little workshop in the woods, guiding the planks to instruments and myself from young and clueless taking on the world to the sharpest tool in one little workshop, I can guarantee you it’s springtime somewhere no matter what the weather of the moment feels like or time may tell you. Start something. Give the naysayers absolute conniptions. If you know it’s in there, start chipping away. Much more than meets the eye is moved by the time a dream is driven.

Good seed in good ground has the chance to grow.
Some wood will be given voice and sing.
There is summer stirring in the winter
And much springtime to be found in the fall.

Just some thoughts from amidst the songs of new birds out here in the little workshop that could, out in the woods… make yourself a good day and have at it. Cheers!

Listening to: Ted Greene solo guitar album; Mississippi Fred McDowell You Got to Move; Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers; Scott Denett The New Yorker (live jazz guitar stuff), and David Coverdale White Snake. Yep, two words – it was his SOLO album right after Deep Purple, very bluesy/Bad Company ‘70s rock – and the band Whitesnake was named after this album.