Defining Moments

That strange energy / gonna make you strong
While it strips away / what won’t belong
In who you’ll be…

We are defined by moments we never saw coming, they come and change our world around us while we’re taking our next steps. One pursuit or idea pursued… or idead… and there you are, if the light shines just at the right angle when you show up. Others who never got their shine grab nails and get in line and the whole world beats a path to your door. I’ll be Scott the Birdsong Guy forever. I have friends who experience this in their own world – tiny little "small F" fame but very deep within their little corner of their niche slice the universe granted them. It really changes everything – you look around one day and however your situation has changed from the opportunity, you have changed more from the validation and enduring all of that shaking out around you during liftoff. You get it in the air, my friend, you’re a pilot and they can all say whatever they want down there on the ground in the wake of your prop wash. 

Because from there, however humble the flight path, you now represent more than what you thought you were doing – the doing itself, the devotion, the chasing of it, the do it or die trying ethic that the whybothers will never know. I humbly, from here where I’ve stumbled to, hope to share that in these little Friday news page blog posts along with the fun and the wood and the wire. Because whatever your version of this is, this little happening, this little quest that manifest, it’s just as important as anything I have to show you. Uncover that dream inside. Put it in your hands. Make it real. That strange energy of arriving, being known, of blooming and becoming, is the very energy that will sustain you, strengthen you for the tests, and ultimately make you into the Captain your new ship requires. It will build you as you build it. 14 years in, Scott the Birdsong Guy thanks YOU so much for your interest in our little basses that could… and did, and DO!

Other than things with strings and making them sing, steel with wheels and making them roll is the other thing that consumes me. For those who don’t follow me or Birdsong on Facebook (like, the only two pages left on there with 0% political content, why wouldn’t you friend & follow pics of instruments in the making, can-do Mondays, “What’s Up Wednesday?” or Throwback Thursday posts, plus the occasional cool old machine pic?! Huh? Huh? Why wouldn’t you? Huh?) – this is Sarge, my main ride. He’s a 1974 Plymouth Roadrunner street machine, pure ‘70s style; my time machine. 

Anyhow, I’ve entered into a conversation with Coker Tire about showing them interest enough to reproduce the old Formula 1 Super Stock tires. Bias ply N50s and something skinnier for the front. If you’re a nostalgic car person with a ‘70s ride that needs them – despite their quirky nature (hey, everyone who conceived you got around OK for decades on bias tires) – please email, let him know you’d be interested, and thank him VERY much for passing these emails along. He has gotten a few more than he expected. A more official inquiry can be sent by providing: “Name, Address, Phone, Email, Club Affiliation (if applicable), Quantity interested in, Size, Brand/Type, Requirements, Intended service, Vehicle Fitments, and any additional info. They can send their inquiries to"

Spring has sprung here and the little crawlies of life are crawlin’ around doing their thing, we share this place but live in different worlds so I try to watch out for them when I can and help them out of the way. The little birds again have decided the little workshop named Wingfeather where all your little Birdsongs come to be looks like a perfect place to nest. They’re up high this year so probably no pictures, but everyone getting their instruments this year, yours will have some extra springtime new life born again real life bird song vibrations in them courtesy of Mother Nature and the cycles of hope and new and things to be that always come back around. Keep a little springtime inside you and it grows there too. Anywhere you plant it; anywhere you plant you; anything you do can be carried by it and also carry it. Outward go the ripples… and outta here for a few hours goes the woodgnome.

Be… and be well,

Listening to: Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet; Dr. John albums - The Sun Moon & Herbs and In The Right Place; live Frank Zappa guitar stuff; and some live recent Matisyahu.