The Love Of Machines

Hey, Birdsong familia Greendog wants to thank everyone for their best wishes and communications healing up from his stroke. He’s doing better and very grateful. ‘Dawg’s been in the Birdsong circle a long time and we love the guy & wish him all the best too!

The other weekend I skipped off to a car show. I love machines. Cars and trucks and motorcycles are all cool, I’ll look at them and I respect expression and craftsmanship on whatever I see even if it’s not my taste. But I’m not into devices or computers any more than I have to be to do what I do. And cars from the ‘90s on up are devices. I like machines. Bolts, levers, cables, mechanical connections. Castings. Stampings. Metal pieces screwed together. I like looking at them, I enjoyed wrenching on them, I like the way their old engines sound, and I love driving things that are noisy, raw, smelly, and maybe a little obnoxious. If I have to explain it, it can’t be explained. 

But luckily this immersion is where a lot of my inspiration comes from – from the ethic of simplicity to the way the curves happen in the body and around the wheels, it’s the automotive world that has trained my eyes by looking at them in their infinite forms and my ethos by having spent time living with such machines. Here are some pictures from it and from other old vehicle gatherings I’ve been to in the past few years. My dance with the world of obsolete machines – machines in states of en obsolata, as some would say -  has been FAR more pleasure than pain. 

Next week, ROAD MUSIC!

Roll on,

Listening to: An incredible station I just discovered had powered up into my area last year. KRTU 91.7 San Antonio, TX – check them out – deep jazz all day long! People in a studio spinning album cuts. Unbelievable. Plus Count Basie Half a Sixpence and some Lightning Hopkins.