Just a quick note for you this week, up a little early because once I'm done getting all the stuff and math and numbers done I SWORE I wasn't going to wait 'til the last minute on, I'm shutting the computer down for a few days and I'll hit it Monday like rocket fuel. See you then!

April 1st is a big day in my life - the little music shop in Melrose, MA where I started building guitars had its keys handed off on that day 18 years ago and though I had no idea where that path was going to lead - except that I would follow it southbound - I knew for the first time I was ON a path. Music was always "The way" but now something within that was shifting and forming. On April 1st, 2000 I let go of what then became one step. A big one, but one step. And to put the foot back down a little more forward again, one has to remove the other from firm ground. I was not prepared, but I was prepared to see what happened if I did my best as it came toward me. And here we are. 

Three pictures: 1998, adjusting guitar number two; 2004, Birdsong's first workshop; and 2018. Have great days - more to show you next Friday for sure! Listening to: Lightning Hopkins and Yusef Lateef. ~Scott