Flip a Coin

Today, May 18th, is my mother’s birthday.Mumford” (as she has been referred to as for decades) is shown here in one of my favorite pictures of her, as seen through a little hole in a piece of Italian bread. 

So wherever you are and whatever beverage is your flavor this moment, kindly hoist it towards Florida (where our people go to retire) and say – out loud – “Happy birthday, MUMFORD!” This happens every year and I hear from people that did it in other COUNTRIES even! Be a part of it and give the other folks in the restaurant something random to look over at and belt it out really good. Thanks! "Happy birthday MUMFORD!"

In honor of my wee Mumford’s birthday, I bought ME a 1960 Pontiac Catalina.  Happy Mumford’s birthday, Scott. Why thank you, self! I had wanted a late '50s, long, sculpted cruiser for a while; for this to come out in 1960 it was designed in the ‘50s and that’s what I was after… the Art Deco touches morphed into the rocket age from the early to late 1950s and it has always floored me that you could be making the sensible family car decision and drive out of the dealership with something that looked… like… THIS.   

So we welcome Ol’ Burnside, or Buford, or Buster (not sure which yet - what do YOU think?)  into the fleet. There will be adventures in this battleship for sure, and I’ll be sure to keep you posted. For now, let me share some wisdom – if you're stuck unable to make a decision because of all the justifications you can come up with on one side and the equal number of concerns you manufacture for the other, if you’ll be fine either way, if nobody’s going to starve, if it’s not life or death… you know what? Flip a coin. Just flip a damn hell coin; call it in the air. Then do it – or don’t – and be fine with it. And get on with living. FREE YOURSELF from unnecessarily cluttering your head up with agonizing over decisions that really, in the big life perspective, shouldn’t matter THAT much. It’s fine to make “Smart decisions” but don’t care so much you make yourself mental over things. Flip a coin, follow through, and enjoy what that decision brings. That was given to me last week by my buddy Gino. Thanks, fucker! It was heads! 

Listening to: A rumbling old high compression 389 cubic inch Pontiac V8; lots of jazz guitar and Bob Seger Live Bullet.