Swingin' Into Year 14

Well hello there and welcome to Friday, or as we call it, “Weekend eve.” We’re back into the swing of things after the July 4th 14th anniversary of our little guitar company and it has been a good and busy week, very productive. Which always feels good. Every day here is a list of different tasks along the way from the wood to the drive out of the nest for a FedEx hand-off; each day is different, its own combination, its own medley. The Bosch Colt router put into service a few years ago routed its 200th instrument this week... a wonderful machine.  

As I talked about in the anniversary video, I slowed my pace a bit this year. I still write ball busters of daily lists and attack them, but I've slowed down to about one and a half good men… working my way back down to just one good man. Maybe next year. This year there’s still a ton going on and things are rocking and rolling - this week a run of three “PB3” 2-pickup versions of the EB-inspired PB bass landed in sanding hands. A couple of interesting inventory builds and a Fusion & custom guitar are right behind them. A batch of Hy5s is getting the bodies prepped, glued and cut and their necks are now prepped and sanded ready for finishing. Three instruments took the honorable drive out from the nest this week, headed for waiting hands and homes. Fun talks with now new clients and other folks just interested for now – we appreciate all of you and the chance to make you that special instrument! Indeed, a fun week in the workshop.

Got to visit with a great guy and long-time Birdsong client Bobby, out on a road trip, who detoured down to visit. He had his Cortobass with him so I got to lay a little love & adjustment onto Cortobass #117 from 2008.

And then there was this visitor just this morning... hello, little face!

Have been listening to a lot of music, and filling in between the albums & CDs with a fantastic radio station out of San Antonio. KRTU is, for most of the day, the perfect jazz station – actual DJs playing albums, talking about the cuts and giving info on the artists. It’s so fantastic and I know it can be streamed – enjoy it. It goes weirdo alternative overnight, but I remember some great college stations that used to go free form anything goes overnight and I used to love it, so I can dig a lot of this too. But the jazz mornings, days, and evenings? FANTASTIC. I have a list of albums to pick up from listening to the radio, always a mark of quality music spinning to me, and that hasn’t happened in years. 

Hope you spin some good music this weekend, no matter what else is going on in life around you – it’s medicine. And if I’m a guy that really means it when I say I wish you well, I’ll wish you music!

Listening to: KRTU San Antonio; Morphine, Cure For Pain; Smashing Pumpkins, live in San Francisco ’91; John Coltrane, Live at Newport; .38 Special, Flashback (Greatest Hits); Rage Against The Machine, Evil Empire; Big Sugar, 500 Pounds (that’s what Gordie’s guitar tone weighs I think); The Who, Quadrophenia disc 2; The Jazz Mandolin Project, Xenoblast; and last but certainly not least, BOTH discs of the live Arista Jerry Garcia Band release. Variety is the spice of life! Step up to the buffet and make your plate into a rainbow.