UPDATED July 5, 12:01 AM

Here is what stays...
the rest was a blast, hope you enjoyed it! The 14th Anniversary brouhaha was glorious... thank you for all these years, here's to 14 more! No update this Friday, back to our regular schedule on Monday. Thanks for being with us!

It’s long but has ALL the announcements. Watch Scott get singed by 14 sauces, give the State Of The Workshop address, tell you about the sales and specials, and talk about hot sauce. All from inside the actual workshop this year! Grab a beverage and settle in for the entertainment – it’s 5:00 somewhere. (Note: some of these specials were one day only).

TAKING THE NEXT 3 SHORTBASS ORDERS – had to stop taking orders on our basic budget beauties because I’m so busy with Birdsongs. These are $1250 w/bag, your choice mahogany, walnut, or Spanish cedar. Shipping included (continental USA). SHORTBASS PAGE


*** NEW MODELS *** Surprise, they’re the rebirth of the SD CURLEE Standard bass! Best of all, they got a neck very close to Birdsong spec, which means they’re the best playing SD Curlees ever and the necks are STRONG. The rest of the bass? Pure refined vintage goodness – original shape traced off original templates, original DiMarzio pickups, mahogany& maple or walnut & maple. A little shorter, a little lighter, better balanced & playing, but BACK TO THE ROOTS as a simple, strong, workingman’s boutique bass. INTRODUCTORY PRICING is $1500 including gig bag & shipping! These are offered as they’re built. The prototypes are ser. # 33 and 34, a mahogany “Standard76” and a walnut (butcher block!) “Standard78” and are available too! SD CURLEE PAGE

Thanks again so much!