Technology Can Suck Sometimes...

And here we enter the great computer crash of 2018. Has to happen now and then. We'll have it sorted out shortly... for now, to contact Scott CALLS ONLY (no texts) to 512-395-5126. Thanks!

UPDATE FRIDAY 8/24 - back up, eccentric computer guys are usually pretty good because they speak code and circuit... here are a couple of things to hold you over 'til next week. First, a show by some guys I knew when their band was called "Blues Condition" about 18 years ago. Ladies and gentlemen (...and Andrew), Amplified Heat. High octane balls out stoner trio Cream / Experience / Blue Cheer goodness with a Texas twist. Yes, those are amps behind them. Yes, they're all on. There is simply no way to open for the Ortiz brothers - ask me how I know. Brace yourselves... Coolest guys, music that makes me want to flail like a muppet, and I was SO excited to see they're still at it when I looked them up on YouTube.

And, hey I came of age with early '80s Journey - Steve Perry has come back out into the world, is releasing an album, and while the kickoff single is no "Don't Stop Believin'" or "Lights" or "Stone In Love" or... OK, I could go on and on. Fact is he's back, he's doing what he CAN do, and gave a fantastic interview to Eddie Trunk. Humble, gracious, grateful, and they even talked about this moment when Journey's current singer Arnel (quite a story and class act there too) met his idol for the first time. This is how you approach a man whose fate cast your destiny.  A wonderful interview. Have a great week folks! ~Scott