What Four?

2/22 – that’s a good number. I’m a numbers guy – I watch the numbers. As they fall into place, it all follows… your mileage may vary of course. 2019 is a year of fours. I’m doing as many things in groupings of 4s as possible, and it feels good. To give you some perspective, 2017 was a year of 11s; last year a year of 8s that kind of got limited to 5s. 4s is what I can maintain comfortably without grinding myself down to a nub.

Four is a number embedded into the order of things… four main directions, four seasons, from these can be woven four chapters of a life – its seasons, if you will. Four needs of survival, food, shelter, clothing, water. The four elements – earth, air, water and fire. So fours are good.

The Pythagoreans loved it, the four winds think it’s pretty cool, and who can argue with the four phases of the moon? Most of my life has been behind V8 powered vehicles, which are two banks of four, and I’ve always had a fascination with all aluminum twin cam four cylinder engines, as seen in ‘70s sports cars like the Lotus Elan, Fiat Spyder, Alfa Romeo Veloce, or more recently the Mazda Miata. Those four.

But I probably won’t get involved with any of them; the sports car jones has faded, and there’s much higher things on the list to experience. Here are some pics of some of this week’s progress on some FOUR strings!

Have a great weekend!

Listening to: John Coltrane Both Directions At Once. Wow!