A Craftsman's Path

Ladies and gentlemen, all points in-between or undefined, children of all ages, and any and all especially feeling pulled to be a craftsperson / artist for a living but also for any of you with a dream, Parking Lot Press humbly offers in A Craftsman’s Path 30 years of lessons simmered down for 3 years into a thick, tasty sauce you can shmear on any life.


One man’s thoughts from the path on going “all in” and balls out. THE BOOK I WISH I HAD BEEN HANDED ON THE WAY IN – for me, and for those in my life who couldn’t relate to the artist’s path… you know, those years between “You’re crazy, you’ll starve!” and “We knew you could do it!” -(No you didn’t, I didn’t – I just knew it would take me somewhere and I’d make something out of it)- THAT is what’s in here, food for anyone on the uphill side of the goal…

What these guys learned between that first picture and the last.

See, there’s the dream - realistic or not (and half of that just depends on where you’re standing at any moment) and then there’s the focus and devotion that keeps your mind, body and soul together as you chase it. THAT is what this little book is – full of the advice I’ve been giving out for 25 years. My calling was music and I surrendered to it before the conventional path could even get a hold of my scruff. Over decades the dream came true in wood and wire rather than contracts and stage lights, but all the chapters it took me through added up to now - and this is what I learned on the way. I don’t know how to describe it as anything other than a call to arms to those viewing craft, music or art as their potential living... though I hope ALL of you find something in here that inspires you in any pursuit, that sharpens you on the way in to better handle what’s coming, that gives you a realistic perspective on what to expect but that nourishes your spirit in ways the world won’t always when you decide to go a different way.

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Thank you so much for being a part of life.

Listening to: Flint Device 1, and Kenny Burrell. I can’t think of two more opposites with similar instruments, but life is a sampler from the mild to the wild and music itself has never left me hung over or trying to find my way home at 3 AM. So I’ll spin anything that does it for me sensible or not.