Pictures & Pieces

A great, productive week at the workshop – here are some captured moments. I post more pics on Facebook during the week so find & follow Birdsong Guitars… that last one is a particularly cool shot I’ll be working into one of our posts next week.

Speaking of cool shots, while looking at old pictures I found a batch of cool artsy car pictures. So for something different, here ya go! I just love curves & craftsmanship, details and how lines flow together.

Speaking of craft, the response to the book A Craftsman’s Path has been fantastic – for those who have ordered the signed copies with the bonus CDs from me, I’m working on tidying up where more song info is but it’s not ready yet. So here’s a bit more about the songs on the companion CD for now, all related to my path of craft:

Working With The Wood

My story, the story of my workshop, and one of the true craftsmen who I patterned my life after. “Are they ever really gone if their work is carried on?”

Lipton’s Cup of Uncle John

A tall tale of mis-stored remnants and the single greatest song I could write in tribute to this craftsman friend and mentor, a true original.

Good With a Wrench

To serve is to become a tool yourself… this is about a man and tools and, slowly and steadily over time, moving the world. Craft takes many forms through sometimes reluctant heroes.

Be The Blessings

Do something with your powers. “From the inside out, from the up side down / Be the blessings you believe in, and the rest will come around.”


”They don’t have to get you, they don’t have to like your favor - all the ones who write you off have all done you a favor.” A battle song for your validity. Smaller pebbles than us have rippled the water, my friends.

(All songs written, performed & produced by Scott Beckwith / Parking Lot Music BMI)

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A little note for those waiting on instruments from Birdsong, the leg is feeling much better than a month ago when I gingerly and hopefully stepped back into the workshop. Pace has picked back up and so has time back on my feet doing what I love in here. But the batches are smaller and the days aren’t as long. I appreciate your patience while I catch back up and get to your bass; it’ll be worth it – I guarantee that. I feel like I’m almost one good man again… not quite the two good men I ran like for the past 20 years, but I’ll take it. Thanks for being on the adventure!

Listening to: Miles Davis Kind of Blue (my absolute favorite album ever).